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Celebrating Sylvia

Celebrating Sylvia

Celebrating Sylvia's Birthday

We were all very happy to be invited to our fellow member's Birthday meal, held at a superb venue in Wentworth Village. The evening was very warm for mid September, and we were able to meet outside the "Bistro" and start the evening with gentle banter. This type of get together, makes being part of a group very special, and Sylvia, made us feel very welcome, in helping her, to celebrate this key stone Birthday.

Having this get together mid month, strengthens the group, and allows us all to, get to know each other better, another meal at this venue is a must for our group before Christmas.

A run over towards the Coast, by several cars, during the pleasant warmer September, gave us an outing for the cars, and another chance to be together.

The meeting in October was again well attended, and we discussed some of our car problems and successes, with the Ladies, helping us.

The upcoming AGM for the Register was talked about, as it seems, major changes are to be made in the Management of our Club, and we need to make our opinions known.

The evenings getting dark earlier, prevents us from being outside with our cars, but several T.R.'s made the effort of getting there.

The talk was also about our events for next year and an outing into Europe, before we need our passports.


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