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About TR Register New Zealand

TR Register New Zealand Inc.

Formed in 1975 by a group of young TR enthusiasts the club, TR Register New Zealand Inc. has maintained as key objectives:

The preservation and promotion of the TR marquee by provision of relevant services, activities and investments.

The fostering of amateur motoring and sporting events, social functions and outings through the fellowship of likeminded enthusiasts.

The journey from 1975 has seen the membership grow to around 300 committed enthusiasts served by 8 regional groups throughout New Zealand.

Classic car ownership is a medium where for many of us we realise our dreams and aspirations of owning the vehicles that we relate to. The club offers many dimensions to membership all of which assist in meeting each of our areas of interest.

As owners are custodians of each TR, from the outset of the club a register of the TR cars in New Zealand has been maintained. This living document records the provenance of each car and is available to each member or prospective member looking to invest in a TR. At this time there are about 600 TRs on record.

Advantages of membership include regular club events, these being the chance to get the TR out on the road with others of the marque, technical support for regular servicing or restoration but moreover, being able to tap into the collective knowledge of the many experienced members, some of whom have owned TRs for 30 years or more, is a major benefit

The British sports car can be a fickle mechanical mechanism. A major advantage of membership is the large stock of spare parts the TR Register holds for all models to assist with keeping the TR on the road. Those members requiring non stocked parts can participate in the bi-annual import scheme the club organises on behalf of the members.

Each year, the main event on the TR calendar is the National Weekend. A 3 day affair held in late February - early March and is usually followed by a 4 day tour. This event is well attended and a chance for all members to not only catch up but to stretch the legs of their TR along with many others. TR minded visitors to New Zealand from around the world are welcome to join in.

“TRansmission" the club magazine is published quarterly; this high quality magazine is compiled by our own editorial team. Contributions cover topics of regional updates, technical topics, restoration articles and the like.

TR Register New Zealand Group

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