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Tayside Classic Errol 2015

Tayside Classic Errol 2015

Tayside classic Car Show Sunday 14th of June

A slightly damp start of the day the Scottish group had traveling to Errol, from all over Scotland to attend the Champion of Champions event organised by the Tayside Classic Car Club. This event was the Tayside Classic Car Clubs 10th Rally which was one of the best organised and run events the club has attended and has raised over £30,000 over the last 9 years for local charities. Once our group was fully assembled it was time to position the cars and set up the gazebo. After a couple of hours the weather improved to provide us with a lovely bright warm day with a burger van opposite, to sort out any hunger issues. It was one of our best attended events with us having 17 cars on our club stand. We had one TR2, three TR4`s and thirteen TR6`s and a Swallow Doretti taking part in the Champion of Champions part of the show. It was fantastic to see two of our members newly restored cars Alex Blakely`s TR6 and Ian Walker`s TR4 both in red which you could only describe as stunning and a complete credit to them both. Mick Conway another of our group members, did a sterling job providing the commentary over the day and keeping us updated as required. Many thanks to Duncan and Pam for organising the day for us and making sure the weather stayed fair and bright and the Tayside Classic Car Club for inviting us again.

Jim Clark

Tay TRs Group

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