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jersey trip

jersey trip

The Annual Stoke group summer Tour saw 8 TR's and a Stag headed off to Jersey to explore the sunny isle , there were quite a few small breakdowns albeit a lot of them.....Chris - 3 injectors, Nick - one, Phil blowing fuses, Will Loomes burst heater hose in the middle of st Helier, Wayne Slaymaker - electric fan pleasing itself, and so on.

Phil won the spirit of the event for jumping in and fixing any broken cars, Wayne and Peter Turner won the shiniest car award, Nick won the award for the most tours of housing estates whilst leading, Will won the award for most spectacular breakdown (is it smoke or is it steam!!!!!) in the middle of st Helier, Amazingly the Dykins won two awards, slowest by a mile up the hillclimb (procession arranged by Guy Therin from the Channel islands Tr Group) and of all things the reliability award in a Stag ! well done to peter and family
There were plenty of trips around Jersey exploring all the narrow roads and seeing all the sights , thanks to Guy and the Channele isle TR guys for the meet and greet and the trip up the Hillclimb , A brilliant holiday with a great group of people ,everyone had a really good time with lots of laughs and fun which is what these tours are all about , roll on 2016

many thanks to Chris and Marie for organising it and to everyone else whose company made the trip go too fast

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