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Members Cars

This page provides details of Red Rose Group members and their cars.

Jonathan & Caroline Smith (& Millie the West Highland Terrier)

The Good

Triumph TR4
Registered: 1962
Owned Since: 2010

1962 Red Triumph TR4 Surrey Top.
Exported to Texas 2 January 1962 and repatriated in 1992.

The Bad

Triumph TR3
Registered: 1957
Owned Since: 2016

1957 British racing green Triumph TR3 currently residing in long term storage.

The Ugly

Triumph Herald 1360
Registered: 1968
Owned Since: 2013

1957 Triumph Herald 13/60 convertible - ongoing restoration.

Tim & Karen Davies

Triumph TR6
Registered: 1974
Owned Since: 2011

Back to metal respray in 2014. Complete engine rebuild in 2017.

Michael & Carole Biddulph

Triumph TR4A
Registered: 1966
Owned Since: 2010

Started life as a green left hand drive and was manufactured in January 1966 and shipped from the Queen Alexandra dock in Cardiff aboard the ship 'Brynje' to America, her destination was to the dealers Genser & Foreman Inc. New York. The first owner was from Greenville, South Carolina.

She lived for 24 years stateside before being shipped back to England where she was converted to a right hand drive and resprayed blue. She spent the next 20 years in Stoke on Trent and then Burnley before we were lucky enough to purchase her in 2010.

Lynne & Martin Hill

We have been members of Red Rose for 25 years and have owned DUD for 20 of those. We have also had several other TR's during this time some of which are in the pictures. Touring in the UK and Europe is something we particularly enjoy either by ourselves or on events organised by the club.

i. European Meeting Rimini

ii. Welsh Weekend Dinas Dinlle

iii. One that I bought earlier?

iv. This one I gave away!!

Keith Barratt

Triumph TR6
Registered: 1972
Owned Since: Late 1975 or early 1976. It was a long time ago and used as daily drive up to the end of 1989.

Countries visited with the car:
Sweden, I lived there in 1984.
Norway a tour on the way back to UK from Sweden.
France and Italy, 1982, 1986 & 2007

Photo taken in the Champagne region on the return journey from France in 2007.

The following photo is from the 2007 trip and was taken to be as close as possible to a photo taken on the 1982 trip.

1982 original as below

Peter Fenlon

I have had TR's since I was 19, I am 71 now and renovating a TR6 from Tallahasse.
I can't remember how many TR's I have had in 50 years but the cheapest was £30 and the dearest $6000 before I renovated them. Here are a few pics of recent rebuilds in the last 15 years or so.

i. TR6 from Talahasse as bought and still in progress.

ii. Before and after pics of my TR3A bought from TR Bitz.

iii. My TR4 bought from Arizona. Before, during and after, sold to buy my De Tomaso.

iv. TR250 from Maine USA with body so bad, found one in a scrap yard in California. I think it sadly may be posing as a TR5 now!!

Richard & Sian Chandler

Triumph TR6
Registered: 1972

FRL 762L was manufactured in 1972 for the UK market including overdrive. It's a CP series car. In 2011 TR Bitz rebuilt it and to list everything they did would take too long so here are the essentials:

The body was stripped, some panels replaced and repainted in Triumph Signal Red. As part of the rebuild, some, I like to think sympathetic, modifications and improvements were made. Wire wheels, walnut dash, Mota-Lita steering wheel, MX5 seats (I have the originals), polybushes and spax dampers, Kenlowe fan, electronic ignition. The interior was re-rimmed and a new hood fitted. I have added mesh headlamp protectors because they look period cool and a power socket for the sat nav.

It has proved to be very reliable, only a diff leak and failure of the windscreen washers (never used them! Only a pre-MOT check over showed them to have failed) have blotted the copy book. I did get the speedo and tach re-calibrated as they were way out. I have not taken the car abroad unless you count a run down to South Wales zigzagging in and out of England and Wales on some fine B roads. It's a car that sounds good but actually isn't going very fast even when you think it is, which means you can have fun without contributing to speed taxes.

Gordon & Hazel Bayley

Triumph TR6
Registered: 1971
Owned Since: June 1981

Took it off the road in 1984 and was rebuilt and back on the road in 2006.

Been a member of the Red Rose Group since 1980 but lost touch with the meetings around 1990. Saw the TR's at the lakes weekend in 2005 and Hazel said why didn't I get my TR6 back on the road and so I did and we went back to the Red Rose monthly meetings at Antrobus.

I bought my first TR6 in 1978 (yellow TR6 photo below), only had it for a few years, everyday car used for work.

Mike & Pauline Grimes

Triumph TR6
Registered: 1972
Owned Since: 2003

Owned since May 2003 when we joined the TR Register and came to our first Red Rose meeting.
According to the BMIHT Heritage trust certificate the factory records show:
Home market CP series built 8 July 1972 (so one of the last CP cars)
Colour is Pimento Red
Factory fitted extras listed as Laminated windscreen, Heater, Overdrive, Hard top, Static seatbelts, 165 x 15 Michelin XAS tyres
Original owner and car registration in Wallasey

Since 2003 a lot of mechanical upgrades have been done culminating in a body off rebuild in 2011 together with fitting of MX5 seats, new carpet set and mohair hood.

We have completed the following European trips (with only a couple of punctures and no breakdowns!):
Ardennes Dutch and Belgium TR group meeting 2004
Auxerre France 2005 and 2007 Red Rose group holidays
Le Mans 2005
Le Mans Classic 2006 and 2010
Classic Days Rally at Magny Cours France 2012
Laon Historique Rally 2012

Attended many Red Rose meetings and weekends/car shows etc, also:
Coast to Coast 2010
Northumberland 2011
Dorset 2012
Isle of Man 2014
Eden Valley Cumbria 2016
Traws Cambria Weekends 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010
TR International meetings 2003, 2004, 2009

Magny Cours

Magny Cours Parade Lap

TR6 at Auxerre

Classic Days Rally

Other TR cars previously owned:



Mike Rooke & Sara Baker

Triumph TR4A
Registered: 1966
Owned Since: March 2018

Mike Rooke with 'Horry' the TR4A

Dave & Tracie Bailey

Triumph TR4, 66 CNW
Registered: 1962
Owned Since: 1974

For some years in the early days, our only means of transport. Used regularly whilst living in Germany during the 1990s. I've managed to do all the restorations and servicing myself over the years (as you can probably tell!).

Other TRs over the years are :-

TR3 Beta Replica, bought from Julian Furness, in 1985 (complete with trailer), for racing in the TR Register Race Championship. Wrecked that at Castle Combe in 1987.

TR4. OJE 908. 1963. Bought as a 'basket case' from Geoff Mansfield at The Northern TR Centre in 1987, built into a race car to replace the TR3 Beta. Still owned and raced.

TR7. RRB 500R. 1968. Bought in 1993 and completely rebuilt as a race car for my son Simon to race, which he did for a while in the Championship, but then turned his attention to Motorbikes. So I now have the car blocking up the driveway.

TR5. LKV 878F. 1968. Bought from Mike Hughes in 2018, as a re-build project, someday.

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