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North London Groups TRs

Harry Dent

Jas, DKX 39F

A 1968 mid production TR5 originally white. Wire wheels, Surrey top, Black interior with white piping.

Totally rebuilt with new body shell assembled with as many original Stanpart panels as possible. All welding and fitting up by myself. The only rebuild I did not do was the gearbox and rear axle. Painting was done by Car Care (Aston Martin Specialist) Painted in Jasmine original TR5 colour.

All bright work re-chromed apart from stainless bumpers and over riders.

Original engine has been rebuilt three times during my ownership because of faults by previous machine shops. So this time I took no chances,Forged J.E. pistons from California. Fardon forged con rods and machine work carried out by T.M.I. of Leighton Buzzard (Highly recommended). This included a reworked head, re-bored block, regrind crankshaft. The engine was rebuilt with a Newman cam (PH2) with chilled iron followers, the best German pre stretched timing chain. All parts were re-balanced block and pistons re-decked and them carefully reassembled.

The car spec includes,Power steering, Four pot alloy calipers and E.F.I. Home build using Emerald ECU and wiring kit. Lee Hutton, another N.L.G. member did the wiring.

Rooster 1968

A very late production TR5 in Signal Red.

A retirement present bought from a so called Classic car restorer who had started but stalled with the restoration, what was done was of questionable standard .

As a starting point the chassis that was on the car was rejected and sold on e-bay. This was replaced with a new chassis (C.T.M.). The body work which was poorly assembled was pulled apart and started again after initial work the bodywork and painting to a high standard was entrusted to A.V. classics.

Mechanically the engine was re-bored and fitted with Hepolite pistons, crankshaft re-ground, conrods re-circled and re-honed hen all parts balanced. The head was fitted with new guides, unleaded valve seats and refaced valves. TR5 cam with new followers and new springs were used to finish the rebuild.

The car was then rebuilt as close to standard as possible and factory fresh. The only changes being MX5 seats,in black leather with white piping, and minilite wheels

North London Group

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