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Leicestershire TR Group get wet in Wells-next-the-Sea

Leicestershire TR Group get wet in Wells-next-the-Sea

The day started off with a beautiful clear blue sky and sunshine to warm the cockles of your heart. The only downside was that it was 2degC, did this deter the hardy men and women of the LTRG to have their hoods down and enjoy all that fresh air - yes, apart from a few mad people. 9 cars met up at the Morcott services for a warm up and then set off, all hoods down, to the classic car garage and coffee shop in Thorney. I hear that special cakes had been ordered and quickly consumed before some others could eat them all. The calories were much needed to provide a short term energy boost.

Next stop was Brancaster to buy almost a peck (10kg) of mussels for our supper. Sadly the rain had started by then so all hoods were raised and umbrellas deployed for the run across the road to the fish and mussel shop. Our esteemed tour leader Martin "Cockles" Ward made an executive decision that given the weather the planned walk to the lifeboat station in Wells was off so a visit to Cley next the Sea was organised to find the old harbour and a traditional North Norfolk fishing vessel. The last time a vessel of this sort had made it up the creek, with paddles, was 60 years ago. The new boat, with motor, had arrived on the tide that morning at 9.30, and was due to leave the following morning, was already well onto the mud by the time we got there. It was a fine spectacle next to the old windmill, despite the light rain.

We finally made it to Wells-next-the-Sea, parked up and set off for the main event of the day: fish and chips. Plattens was selected by Cockles for our trade, seats reserved and large quantities of succulent fish and crispy chips were purchased, delivered and eagerly consumed by all. Then over the quay for a swift half down below in the Albatross. It was "Werry" good beer, hic.

Sadly it was time to start the journey home in heavy rain which later turned to hail accompanied by lightening and thunder, perfect weather, not, for a grand day out at the seaside. Thank you to all the brave souls who ventured out for our last run out of the season and especially to Cockles for his leadership and endless chatter on the CB, most entertaining, at times.

Now the good bit: some of the party arrived back at Tony and Ruth's with our almost a peck of mussels to meet up with other members who could not make the trek to the seaside to prepare, cook and eat all those lovely mussels. Wine, beer and water for the drivers washed them down followed by cake. More cake? I hear you ask, yes, and they were all delicious.

Thank you to Tony and Ruth for hosting the evening and making some lovely cakes. Thanks to Kathleen for the scrumptious chocolate brownies and Paul for the delicious sauces.

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