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Leicestershire TR Group last run out to Wells-next-the-Sea

Leicestershire TR Group last run out to Wells-next-the-Sea

Having decided that the final run out of the year was to drive to Wells-next-the-Sea for our annual pilgrimage to fish and chips followed by mussels, Martin 'cockles' Ward volunteered to organise the route and stops. The navigation was tricky for some like "follow the car in front" whilst others used GPS but the most intrepid used a map, do you remember them? 13 cars met at Morcott to put the world to right and to ponder why Richard's TR6 was smoking so much.

Another coffee stop at Thorney served us well, then it was off to Wells and trying to find some parking. However a change of plan on route, it was decided to head for Brancaster first to stock up on mussels, crabs and the like to take home. We finally arrived in Wells to have the annual debate over which of the three chippies has the best Fish and Chips, the group split up and compared the results sitting on the wall overlooking the harbour. All looked and smelt wonderful. Ice cream, cockles or beer to follow, another difficult decision. Guess where Roger went....

and Martin....

The group split up for train rides, walks or an early return to Leicestershire. Roger, who was an early returner, had a broken throttle cable on-route but it only took him, and his entourage of experts, 10 minutes to fix. We all got home safely, even Richard and Chris with their smokey TR6. Now you have all winter to sort it out.Thank you to 'cockles' for getting us all there and back and for a wonderful day out. Same place next year?

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