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Kennet Valley TR Group go t'Mill, a great visit to Whitchurch Silk Mill

Kennet Valley TR Group go t'Mill, a great visit to Whitchurch Silk Mill

Kennet Valley TR Group had a super trip on Sunday 19th October, 6 TR’s and 1 modern car met at Tothill services. They joined a Healey 3000 Mk1 which was on its way home to Wigan after a 4 day trip to the South of France! Mike and Linda Field joined us at the Mill.

Philip and Julie Dryden came in their lovely TR5. Poor Julie had to endure Philip and I talking cars during lunch. We never did ascertain why Julie downloaded a tv programme called “Strippers for Cash” but suffice to say that she was disappointed to find it was yet another car show! There were 3 TR6’s, a TR4 and a Stag. Mike Field also brought his super TR5, Joining us for lunch. A pretty decent turn out of classics, no doubt encouraged by the dry weather.

A BIG THANKS to John and Jackie Edmonds for providing the Tulip Run. A lovely run through the Watership Down countryside ably navigated by all except one car. Not that I would embarrass the owner, but it was a red TR6 with white coach lines and wheel trims and lives in Baughurst (i.e. The Author)!!

Lisa the duty manager gave us an introductory talk on the history of the Mill after which we all toured the workings over 3 floors. Wonderfully refurbished 12 months ago to include a lift, much appreciated by Peter and Audrey Heywood. A lovely location, with the River Test flowing through the grounds, made a super spot to show off our cars.

A light lunch was taken in the cafe. A good day that was to be appreciated by all.

Thanks to Mike Thomas for the report and organising the trip and visit.

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