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Kennet Valley TR Group holds its 'Pride & Joy' competition at Classic Saturday!

Kennet Valley TR Group holds its 'Pride & Joy' competition at Classic Saturday!

Kennet Valley TR Group held its 'Pride & Joy' competition over the weekend. This year instead on the event being on Club night, it was held at Classic Saturday in Upper Bucklebury, original home to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. The host of Classic Saturday is the Cottage pub which has a good size field for these show at the back.

Formerly 'Clean Car' competition, it was changed to 'Pride & Joy' to encompass the full use and enthusiasm of the cars owner rather than just being clean which it was very common that the competition was only between a few member cars each time. So now it's based loosely on the TR International 'Pride of Ownership' competition rules where mileage, regalia, modification, points of interest, enthusiasm are all taken into account.

There were prizes for the top three TR cars as marked by the judges and the best none TR attending. The weather after a rainy morning brightened and 9 cars entered the competition and here are the results, and slightly embarrassing to me, but a win is a win :0)!.

Phil Horsley - 1967 TR250 (51.7 points)

Joe Douthwaite - 1967 TR4A (50.4 points)

Mike Field - 1968 TR5 (48 points)

And best non TR was won by:Emrhys Barrell - 1974 Triumph Stag (51.5 points)

Also at the event and first run out after 40 years in a shed and recently superbly restored by its owner and Protek Engineering was Toney & Tina Dines TR3A. This is a very common story of TR restoration, there are many TR's used in their hay-day when purchased and then safely stored away for one day to be brought back to glory. The restoration of Toney's TR3 has created a great example of the marque and you'll see her at the TR International in June clocking up the miles again and yet again a full enthusiasts Pride & Joy.And to add to the event, the co-restorer Glen Hewitt arrived in the record breaking Jabbeke Triumph TR2, MVC575 which in the Belgian town of Jabbeke in 1953, broke the land speed record for a two litre production car at just short of 125mph.

A great day amongst other Classics and promoting the TR marque which caused great interest by fellow enthusiasts and public alike, see you there next time.

Other Results:

  • Mike Thomas - TR6 (44 points)
  • Toney Dines - TR3S (43 points)
  • Ian Howatt - TR4 (43 points)
  • Matthew Spencer - TR5 (40 points)

Non TR's:

  • Gerry Thorne - Stag (47.3 points)
  • Peter Woolnough - Jaguar 340 (37 points)

Our next event is 2nd June at Pangbourne College, see you there (please note it is a pre-booked event).

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