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A Triumph of a day, Great honour and a lot of interest in TR's - British Grand Prix 2017

A Triumph of a day, Great honour and a lot of interest in TR's - British Grand Prix 2017

Those of you that follow F1 will know how excited I have been to be part of this great event, the TR Register supplied 28 cars from Jabbeke, TS2 through to TR7 Rally car and Grinnall TR8 as a super display in the National paddock, behind the old pits, we were all very expectant as the cars had to be there on the Thursday before and it was like kids waiting for Christmas.

Then the day arrived and the lucky 22 cars (and 3 reserve plus TS2, Jabbeke, TR7 V8 as lead cars) were allocated their drivers and the driver numbers assigned to there TR's.

What a great sight !!!!

We were all lined up in Grid order and sent out for formation on the National pit lane, is this the best photo call ever?

Then it was off to the the grid to pick up the F1 drivers which in itself was wonderful, driving Silverstone with a full capacity crowd waiting for the British Grand Prix to start!

I was lucky enough to get Max Verstappen, a great guy, very easy to talk to and super calm, future World Champion and ready for his race, he happily perched himself on the rear deck to wave to the crowd and off course took the obligatory interviews from the media, his interview was shown on Sky TV.

Whilst on the grid, Damon Hill came up to the car saying WOW what is that which I of course explained about the Grinnall, but to have an ex-World Champion say that about my Grinnall, certainly 'put that GRINnall all over my Face!' Also Sebastian Vettel (in a Derek Hurford's TR6) was very interested in the car and told Derek his Dad had a TR7! Then it was off on the parade lap, 22 splendid TR's in front of a capacity crowd with millions watching on TV - no pressure then!

A really iconic event which will go down in TR Register legend, watch out for more reports and videos on the main webpages and if you did record it on TV please let me have a copy?

Here are the Sky TV broadcasts for the Parade lap, and from a Marshall at Woodcote, enjoy:

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