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Kennet Valley Group going 'CRAZY' trying to win the cup at the annual challenge with Glavon

Kennet Valley Group going 'CRAZY' trying to win the cup at the annual challenge with Glavon

The annual competition versus Glavon TR's was again crazy golf at The Golfing Hole Swindon which is an indoor 'crazy' golf centre, 13 Glavon and 18 KVG picked up their 'bats' and ball and attempted again to master this frustrating up to date version of this traditional seaside game.

There were many holes where you had no clue how the ball went in one hole and came out the other hole located elsewhere, even playing in a darken room with luminous balls to add to the confusion, just like the much loved proper game it was about accuracy and speed and patience, very easy to understand how the professionals get so frustrated when they miss a simple shot.

The game took approximately 2 hours for all 31 people in 7 teams to complete the course, we then drove to the The Crown Broad Hinton, Wiltshire for a super carvery and a few bevies.

It was then time to present the 'hallowed' cup and the 'Ant & Dec' of the TR Register (Andy West & Phil Horsley) delivered the result, and yes you guessed it, Glavon won with an average per person of 57.92 versus 59.72, there was a positive for KVG, this time they were only 1.8 points between us, last year there was 4.08, so we are getting closer Glavon but it's back to the drawing board again for KVG. Glavon lowest score was with a very commendable round of 44 and KVG 48 and best endeavour was shared by members of both Groups with a round of 72, by the way that's a whole 10 points better than last year.

Jeanna Ind - Glavon GL receiving 'THE CUP' from Phil Horsley - KVG GL.

A thoroughly great inter-group with great comradery, of course we let them win as we can't afford the polish for such a large trophy!!!!!!

Watch out Glavon, NEXT YEAR, mind you, we've being saying that for a while!!!!!

Kennet Valley Group

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