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Kennet Valley TR Member wins the coveted 'Pratt of the Year' award and more!

Kennet Valley TR Member wins the coveted 'Pratt of the Year' award and more!

Kennet Valley TR Group has a strong history of winning awards and trophies and Graham Robertshaw has kept up the tradition this year by winning the coveted and significant TR Register national award of 'Pratt of the Year' and more! After winning a Rosette at Thatcham Fun Day, this is a major step up for Graham in his career.

Now you may be wondering what great feat Graham has done to achieve such an accolade? Well here is the reason. Firstly to be a contender, Pratt's win extra points for damage to their own property and humiliating themselves in public. So lets take a look at how this year's Pratt managed to earn this dubious accolade.

Graham's exploit was a true classic. He stepped into the limelight fairly late in the summer and like many before him started out with good intentions. He had decided to attend CarFest with Kennet Valley TR Group. The venue for CarFest was only a 30 minute drive away from his hometown of Aldermaston, near Newbury. But not wanting to get stuck in traffic and commute for the time he was there, he decide to book a hotel for him and his son (Good Father Son time), this all sounds fair enough.

However the hotel he booked, without realising it until he had driven all the way there, was not only the other side of the CarFest venue but nearly an hour away towards Salisbury! Thus not only doubling his journey time into Carfest from what it would have been at home, but forcing an even earlier start in the morning to get there, all this for a show 30 minutes away to avoid getting up early and miss the traffic. So there you have it, certainly a very worthy winner.

Now that's not the end of the story for Graham, Kennet Valley TR Group have their own annual award 'NUT of the Year', and it was decided unanimously, that for winning 'Pratt of the Year', Graham should also be awarded this great prize by KVG for such exploits. So Phil Horsley - GL had a double presentation of awards to do for Graham.

Graham has now two lovely trophies on his mantelpiece at his home to proudly admire until the next candidate (could it be You?) takes up these challenges. we are sure his wife Vicki is just as pleased to have such an award winning husband and these trophies in the house!

Photographs from David Rumens & Graham Robertshaw.

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