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Kennet Valley Social Scene - 290

Kennet Valley Social Scene - 290

For this year's annual competitive event between KVG and Glavon it was decided to give the skittles a rest and the Groups would compete against each other at crazy golf. This was largely because we didn't fair too well at skittles. The event took place at Swindon on 20th March and as the weather was still rather cool it was opportune it was indoor crazy golf. The cold weather didn't put a number of people off driving their TR's as there were seven cars present. The change to crazy golf went down well with both Groups as this kept everybody busy, unlike skittles where you had a long wait until you had a go. After the match we had a pleasant drive through the countryside to the Crown at Broad Hinton. The Crown proved to be a good choice as both the food, carvery, and the atmosphere were very enjoyable. Overall we all had an excellent time. I suppose I had better tell you if the change to crazy golf resulted in a win for KVG. Well I am sorry to say "No" as Glavon won again. Our GL Phil said we will challenge them to tidily winks next year, so get practising!

Next up was the Spring Vehicle Meet on Easter Monday. The weather had been raining hard for a number of days before the event. Then overnight on the Sunday storm Katie blew in and as a result most of us took the decision not to go. However, a number of members did brave the elements by taking their cars to the event. They were TR5 (Mike & Linda), TR4a (Joe & Wendy), Stag (Gerry & Moreen), Stag (Emrhys & Linda). Mike Field posted the following on Facebook – "The Spring Vehicle Meet, at Newbury Showground went ahead, although probably 75%+ down on the usual turnout, due to the terrible weather overnight and earlier in the day. Very soft and muddy grass field. By 2:30pm when we left the site there were no more than a dozen cars left." Well done to all KVG members who attended and thanks Mike for the feedback on the event.

At our meeting on 6th April we had an excellent talk from Hywel Lloyd entitled "From Bicycle to TR2" which covered the history of both the original Triumph company (pre 1940) and the Standard motor company who purchased the marque in 1944. Hywel's talk contained fascinating detail into both companies and as a result he received resounding applause from the members.

Moving on to the search for a new meeting venue. We have now had two meetings at both the Pincents Manor and the Holiday Inn, at which point we were going vote. However, the Angel at Woolhampton has just reopened and as it ticks a number of the boxes we are now including this venue in frame. As a result our May meeting on the 4th will be held there. Please make sure you attend the meetings to put your view forward on each of the venues or email our GL.

If you have - a TR or a TR related car or don't have a TR but have an interest in them then come and join us. Full details are given on our web-site andfacebook - TR Register – Kennet Valley Group. We will be glad to see you

That's it for now, Keep TRing.

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