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Kennet Valley Social Scene - 281

Kennet Valley Social Scene - 281

Karen Woolnough writes:

The KVG Christmas party was held at the Wroxton House Hotel, near Banbury. Everyone decided this was the best venue yet for our annual bash and a great time was had by all. Tina and Toney set off on Friday in the Red Dragon, the only ones to venture out in their TR. Unfortunately, after hitting a pothole and breaking an exhaust bracket, they had to return home to change vehicles. During the party we held our Charity Raffle and auctioned kindly donated Beale Park tickets, raising £230 for Macmillan Cancer Support. We have already booked next year's party at the same venue (Saturday 16th January 2016).

February saw a return to having our GL 'in the driving seat, welcome back Phil. We also had another great quiz, again devised by Peter and Audrey Heywood. The varied questions taxed the brains and the winning team were the 'Jogers', congratulations. On a cold, wet, wintry February day, 13 of us went on our mid monthly outing, visiting the Pendon Modl Railway Museum at Long Wittenham. Unfortunately, due to the forecast, not a TR in sight but at least we had support from hardy members. Two couples ventured on the walk before lunch, while the rest enjoyed the fine detail in the museum. Started 60 years ago, the scenes of real villages in the GWR area (based on the 1930s) are stunning in detail and some so small it was hard to believe they were all hand made by volunteers. We all met up at the pub, just as the heavens opened, and enjoyed Sunday lunch around a log fire in a cosy front lounge, all to ourselves, at The Plough in Long Wittenham. Joe took on the role of fireman, not this time to put the fire out but to keep the embers burning as it was now about 4°C outside. Sadly, by the time lunch was over, the weather had drawn in so much that an afternoon walk around the Clumps was to wait for another day.

March Club Night was our AGM, any news will follow in the next issue as will a report on our inter-club skittles match where the KVG will be hoping to TRiumph over the Glavon Group. April 25th is the 2016 FBHVC Drive It Day and the KVG will be attending the Bicester Heritage Centre (OX27 8AL) Breakfast Scramble as our mid-month event. Cars need to be pre-booked directly with the venue with a £5 charge, this is a very interesting location. Let Michael Field know if you have booked then he can reserve enough space for group parking.

May club night was traditionally Clean Car night but this year we have moved it to June in the hope that better weather will mean a bigger show of cars.

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