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Social Scene 333

Social Scene 333

Allan Jezzard Writes:

I attempted to show positivity and optimism in my opening remarks in the last issue. Oh, how I was thwarted: normality? No such luck, anybody got any petrol?

Still, before this latest little inconvenience beset us, we have managed some events. The Tewin Show has become a fixture for the last few years, so on Sunday 22nd August 7 cars from East Saxons made their way through the Hertfordshire lanes to this very pleasant village. The marshals here take their duties very seriously and armed with lengths of polystyrene pipe insulations carefully ensure that the exhibits are equally spaced. The cars we were reversing towards were from North London Group so it’s perhaps just as well that reasonable space was maintained; it was good to renew some old acquaintances. Despite being a small village show, Tewin attracts some super cars: Jaguar XK 220, a few Cobras, several Ferraris , a McLaren several up-market Mercedes and quite a few “specials”. Plus, for the ladies, a good selection of stalls to spend some cash! Rain did make an appearance on and off but it didn’t spoil the day.

North London Group also figured in our next Show when I was contacted and asked if I could use a couple of returned tickets for the Little Gransden Air Show for the coming weekend. I gratefully accepted and Veronica and I arose early on Sunday 29th August to make a meeting at Gamlingay up towards Cambridge where several cars from N London, Lea Valley and Wensum were gathered along with Pinky and Tors from the Isle of Wight. It was a super show with loads of flying and definitely one to be considered for next year in spite of the early start.

Although familiar from previous years, the Colchester Show still appeals. We had 7 cars again this time but not the same as those at Tewin and the sun shone throughout. Then when Alan and Jan Saville welcomed us to their farm for a group picnic on 12th September, we were again fortunate with the weather. We had a great turnout with new and not often seen members joining us, over 40 altogether.

Shows apart we are still getting good turnouts at two of our meeting places especially the Alma where we have seen several new members. I expect attendances to continue to strengthen as the dreaded lurgy hopefully recedes.

A note has been sent to all reminding you of our Christmas Dinner and Dance on 11th December - please ensure that you reply in order that we can gauge demand and enter some meaningful discussions with the golf club; also to keep in touch, visit www.east

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