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Social Scene 329

Social Scene 329

East Saxons at Drive it Day 2019 b.c. (before Covid)

Allan Jezzard Writes:-

At last, we can see light at the end of the tunnel; I just hope it’s not a train coming towards us. I’m trying not to get too excited as it could just be a train load more of Covid.

The TR season could be more of a reality this year than last so we might just be able to make some plans. Unfortunately, Drive it Day looks like it will have to be modified. We have been advised that we would be welcomed at a very nice venue we have visited previously but the Committee cannot see how we could open it up to the group whilst complying with the “Group of Six” dictum. I suppose we could arrange ourselves in “sixes” but we have no control over other visitors to the venue and we would not wish to give the Register a bad name if someone decided to report us.

We’ve settled for individuals organising themselves in groups of six (or less) and embark on social runs on an ad hoc basis trying not to use the same destinations.

After a quick glance around my 6, I took it out for a spin and it ran fine except for some un-identified noise from the rear offside. I jacked it up once home but could see nothing untoward so I will try to book it in to my local garage and use their lift. I think it might be a recalcitrant shock absorber but I’d rather not take a chance. I hope to be able to clock up some miles before the next edition.

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