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TRs at Inveraray Castle

TRs at Inveraray Castle

Allan Jezzard Writes

This year’s combined Show that effectively replaced our IWE was to my mind a great disappointment, the venue being just not suitable. East Saxons took 26 members along with wives and partners (making 50 in all), some for the first time, but I’m not sure too many will repeat the experience unless changes are made.

On a much smaller scale, our annual BBQ at the Thaxted Windmill on 25 August was once again blessed with super weather, and a good time was had by all. As usual a donation was made to the Windmill funds but we weren’t able to look round the mill as ‘elf and safety has decreed it’s unsafe.

Late August also saw six of us, myself and Veronica together with Bob & Judy Moss and Abbott and Stour members David and Irene Tydeman, set out for the Lakes and Scotland. We had just left the Moss’s house in Suffolk when my 6 started mis-behaving. It was backfiring and missing and would barely have given a Meadows Frisky a run for its money. Being ever optimistic I pressed on, not wishing to bring proceedings to a halt so soon. Eventually, assorted bladders forced a halt and the electrics - plugs, leads, dizzy etc - were checked but to no avail. We carried on and actually made Lincolnshire where a refreshment stop was called. Bob Moss then noticed a very weak pulse on one injector lead. On removing the injector, it just fell to pieces. A new spare from the boot completely solved the problem for the rest of the tour.

We had decided to break the journey to Scotland just north of the Lakes and spent 5 days at super accommodation where the proprietors actually hired out their own classic cars. They were true enthusiasts and actually allowed us to use their very smart pit to carry out some maintenance. The accommodation was excellent with all the facilities you could possibly need - highly recommended so just ask if you’d like their details.

After the Lakes we joined Mick and Linda Forey and the rest of the TR Scottish Tour guests in Aberfoyle, and apart from the incessant rain, a great week was spent splashing around the TRossachs.

In contrast to the Scottish weather, our visit to Colchester for the Castle Show on 15 September was blessed with lovely autumn sun and with a good turnout of TRs.

However, I think a highlight of this season was our visit to P&A Wood the Rolls Royce dealers and restorers. We were shown around their premises by Etholle George whose name might be familiar to some from the various shows she has hosted on Radios Suffolk and Essex. She certainly knew her stuff and where appropriate acknowledged the dedicated and enthusiastic mechanics and engineers working on the Saturday.

Don’t forget we’re still holding regular evening meetings at our three local pubs and have a Sunday lunch on 17 November, Xmas Dinner/Dance on 14 December and Nibbles Night on 19 December. Please get in touch for details.

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