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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 329

Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 329

TR Action 329

Publication Date: W/C Mon 10th May 2021

Derbyshire Dales Group Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford writes:

Hopefully, by the time you read this Covid should be well on the way out, the sun will be shining and we will all have put miles under the wheels of our TRs – all of which seems a long time distant from my current time of writing of early April. Not that we have been totally devoid of sunshine and TR driving opportunities; it’s just that these were short lived having been preceded and then followed by days of snow and nights of freezing temperatures.

However, we do have some newsworthy events to report, in the form a welcome to some fresh members. Ed Tozer is a long-term TR owner and currently custodian of a TR4 with some competition history. Then we have Dominic Waller, a member of the Youth Group and friends with Dave Burgess and Wayne Scott. Apparently, Dominic owns a Dove and is an active member of the Youth Group, is undergoing a Mk3 Spitfire restoration and is promising to drag at least one other member along to our events; watch out, Charlie. It seems that we have also managed to (sort-of) poach Nigel Parsons, a member of the White Rose Group. We are encouraging him along to join some Derbyshire Dales runs, although he’s not prepared to jump ship yet. He is keeping a foot in both the Yorkshire and Derbyshire Dales Group’s camps for which we can’t blame him, as this gives him the best of both worlds. This month’s photo is of his Mimosa TR6 feeling a little tipsy.

Meanwhile, our Zoom evenings on the second Wednesday of the month are still going well, although should be history by the time of our June meeting when we should all be able to congregate freely. Hopefully. Keep watching the webpages for news of club night location and, possibly, changes of day. All still to be sorted, so take nothing for granted. Our diary is also full of surprises and pretty much fluid. A couple of events that have been sorted are the 2021 Drive-it-day and the 2022 Derbyshire Dales Weekend. For this, we have 30 rooms already reserved and are waiting for confirmation on another 12 rooms, for which we already have five couples waiting. We should be able to take more bookings from 1st August once we have been able to re-establish a dialogue with the Palace Hotel.

Future Events:

As stated above, the day and location of our Club Night have yet still to be sorted. As always, please keep checking our diary on our Derbyshire Dales Group Webpages, which is regularly updated by DaveW and AlanJ, and which currently changes much too frequently for me to reflect accurately this far ahead.

Wednesday 9th June 2021 - Probably

Club night - Start 7.30pm.

Sunday 27th June 2021

Drive-It-Day. Start from The Amber, lunch at Alison House.

Wednesday 14th July 2021 - Probably

Club night - Start 7.30pm.

Wednesday 11th August - Probably

Club night - Start 7.30pm

2022 Events

120h to 12th June 2022

Derbyshire Dales Group

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