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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 316

Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 316

TR Action 316

Publication Date: 2nd Sept 2019

Derbyshire Dales Group Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford reports:

The least said about the Derbyshire weather the better. Our part of Derbyshire did achieve 34 degC one day last week – so, the best that can be said of our Derbyshire summer so far is that it is a mix of warm sunshine and wet sunshine. And at times not too warm at that. All very frustrating!

Anyway, this reporting period has seen a bustle of activity, starting with a tranche of cars heading to the TR6 celebrations in Osnabrück, Germany, and shortly after more cars heading to Belgium for the TR Tours trip to the Ardennes, meeting up there with some of the Osnabrück contingent who had travelled on after the event. Each sector of the trip, whether Germany or Belgium, was very successful, and those who were able to complete both trips rolled into one were very much blessed.

The second half of June and all July has seen a good number of car shows around the various local villages and towns, and our members have been showing their TRs at several of these, with a good number picking up awards, including Barry Cockayne whose TR3a was awarded the ‘Best Convertible’ rosette at the scenic grounds of the Carsington Water car show, even though he had not even entered his car into any competition. Not bad out of a field of 150 classics. Subsequently he was invited to take his 3a to an extensive photoshoot on behalf of Classic Car magazine. Look out for the February issue.

July’s Club Night saw our annual BBQ taking place on a ‘sunshining’ evening, very well attended with some new faces coming along, and including a pair of local foxes who waited patiently in the hedgerows for us to go so they could benefit from our scraps.

The July Sunday car run was a Jim Tully special, themed on visiting the erstwhile locations of the homes and sites of some of Derbyshire’s ‘notables’, including Florence Nightingale of Lea Hurst, Barnes Wallis, Benjamin Outram & William Jessop of Ripley, Jedidiah Strutt & A.B. Williamson of Belper, Sir John Port and Reg Parnall of Etwall, Erazmus Darwin of Radbrook Hall, and the Curzons of Keddleston Hall. If these names don’t ‘ring any bells’ for you, shame on you, but Wikipedia should help you out, or try begging a copy of Jim’s very well researched notes. Naturally the run was very well attended with two sets of new faces - Martin & Helen Flanders, and Roger & Chris Topley. The run, in good weather I think, finished at Keddleston Hall, where there was some confusion over the supposedly pre-arranged parking provision, but a ‘Shine & Show’ contest saw Roger & Chris Topley as winners with Alan Jones taking ‘Spirit of the Run’ award.

Our esteemed Group Leader/Area Director/Vice Chairman Dave Burgess in his TR6, along with our equally esteemed Editor Wayne Scott as co-pilot and navigator, successfully completed the Liege–Brescia-Liège Rally, covering some 3500 miles and travelling through seven countries in eleven days, coming third overall and second in class, with no breakdowns or mishaps that they are prepared to own up to. Well done to the pair of them!

Meanwhile, Alan Jones has been hard at work updating the Derbyshire Dales Webpages, particularly with respect to our members’ projects and recent events, so take time to look these up – all of the photos of the work undertaken and the progress of some of these automotive masterpieces are most impressive!

Forthcoming Events.

Sunday 8th September: Sunday Run organised by John Browett and Peter Callender

Wednesday 11th September: Club Night at the Amber starting at 7:30pm.

Sunday 6th October: Last run of the Season organised by Ian & Ryan Walker

Wednesday 9th October: Quiz Night at the Amber starting at 7:30pm, organised by John & Lynne Biggin.

Saturday 19th October: Last Night of the Proms at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, organised by Alan & Liz Ford. Two tickets still available at the time of writing.

The Post-Christmas Bash date is now set for the 8th February 2020 at the Peak Edge Hotel. Please book any rooms directly with the hotel, mentioning the TR Register who have a reserved allocation of rooms

As always, please keep up to date with our ever-growing calendar of events through the Derbyshire Dales Webpages.

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