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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 305

Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 305

TR Action 305

Publication Date: 23rd April 2018

Derbyshire Dales Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford says:

You may well be reading this in late April, with the grass and flowers thriving in the heavy spring rains. But here and now, in sunny Derbyshire in mid-March, we have just experienced yet another weekend of heavy snows and strong winds - along with the most of the rest of the U.K. The Derbyshire Dales Pre-Season Lunch at the Blue Bell in Tissington had to be cancelled due to the deep snows; had anyone managed to get there it was odds-on that they would have had to stay for the duration and pay for overnight accommodation until such time as the snowploughs arrived! Dave Worne will be setting a new date for this event for the near future.

In the meantime, not a great deal has been happening within our little Group. Many of the various winter projects have been progressing, but mostly only for those of us fortunate to have heated and insulated garages. For the rest of us it has been a trial of forbearance to keep away from our garages otherwise at the risk of frostbite to our nether regions. In mid-February Dave Burgess took the long drive down the M1 to put his car on the TR Register stand at the Excel London Classic Car Show in Docklands. His TR4A must have arrived filthy and covered in salt – this was one of the grey, drizzly phases of our winter – so Dave did well to have his car gleaming in time for the Press Day on the Thursday (see photo). His car was certainly in good company, sharing the exhibition hall with many other splendid classics.

At the same time as this exhibition we had our A.G.M. which went off without need for remark other than a few procedural hiccups courtesy of yours truly who chaired the meeting.

Moving on, we got our TR6 back from TR Enterprises in good time at the beginning of March, complete with its replacement chassis and a good few improvements made to take advantage of the body being off. Unfortunately the weather and salt are conspiring to keep me from taking it for anything like a good test run, so frustration is rapidly mounting in that regard, with particular emphasis on the hope that we wanted to be able to use it to drive down to the Goodwood Members' Meeting. The forecast of snow and the prospect of the 550 mile round-trip kept us in our 'sensible' car. The Goodwood meeting, was, as always, brilliantly organised, and the neck-and-neck races which took place on the Saturday in freezing conditions and horizontally-driven snow must be the stuff of legend. We watched the TR4s of Nick Jarvis, Karl Wetherill, David Griffiths and the TR4SLR of Tony Hall-Griffin/Richard Dodkins putting on a good show pitched against a well-matched mixed field of Porches, Morgans, MGBs and a Ferrari 275 and an Alfa Guillia. We hoped they all had good heaters on board. It was well-worth freezing on the Madgwick corner, snow-plastered down one side, to witness the thrill of the chases. Unfortunately we missed the Group 5 race on Sunday featuring the glorious TR8 Turbo-LeMans. Hot stuff, by all accounts!

By the time you read this we will have had our Spring Ball at the Casa, Chesterfield and Drive-It-Day organised by David Sygrove, so all being well we will report on these in the next issue of TR Action.

Up-and-Coming Events:

Wednesday 9th May

-Club night at The Amber Hotel, Oakerthorpe, nr Alfreton

Wed 23rd to Thu 24th May 2018

–Two-day run to Elgood's Brewery, Wisbech with an overnight stay at the Rose and Crown, Wisbech. Organised by Maggie & Peter Sloss.For full details see the TR Register website. ( Edit. Please note that this event has unfortunately now been cancelled due to a lack of the minimum numbers required.)

Sunday 27th May

–Sunday Run – details to be confirmed

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June

–Derbyshire Dales Peak Weekend, Alison House, Cromford. This event is always over-subscribed, so make your applications in good time. For full details see the TR Register website.

Organiser & contact: Dave Worne.

Wednesday 13th June

-Club night at The Amber Hotel, Oakerthorpe, nr Alfreton

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