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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 296

TR Action 296

Publication Date 27thFebruary 2017

Derbyshire Dales Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford says:

At the time of writing, towards the end of January, it is a glorious day outside. Through the winter we seem to have been experiencing days of contrasts; endless grey, claggy November-type days which seem to have been lasting on-and-off since, well, November, interspersed with days where it has been bracingly cold and wonderfully sunny.But one requirement of writing these pieces is that we scribes have to project ourselves forward some five or six weeks to the date of publication of the magazine, and hence to a date which is of more relevance to the reader. Cast forward, then, to the very end of February. Here in Derbyshire we are looking forward to the end of the road-gritting season, officially ending on 31st March although we are hoping they will be putting their gritters away some while before then. With warmer times just around the corner and hopefully all the winter TR projects just about completed we will soon be out and about in our cars. It goes without saying that most of us in the Derbyshire Dales have been denied the pleasures of TR motoring for a while. So phew! – back in our cars and not before time!

Dave's TR6 Undergoing Serious Chiropractic Remediation at TR Enterprises

Some of the more interesting projects in the meantime, however, have included Dave Burgess' TR6 which has been with TR Enterprises getting its chassis jigged and straightened following Dave's contretemps (or should that be 'fastidio'?) on the Alpine roads of his Italian International trip, Alan Wilkinson's latest diesel TR6 creation has been completed and will have been road tested, and Alan Hawley continues to be well stuck into his ex-USA TR4 following the sale of his freshly refurbished TR6 to a very lucky German visitor to the NEC Classic show. Just for variety Alan has acquired a Morgan Four to add to his stable, just to remind himself what it is like to drive around with hardly any suspension and a car which leaks in the April rains.

In terms of social activity, early February will have seen the Derbyshire Dales Post-Christmas Bash with over 90 attendees, an event which will have taken over the White Hart and part of their nearby sister hotel at the freshly refurbished Horse and Jockey. The Derbyshire Dales weekend is our next big social event at Alison House, now fully booked but with room for a few more at the dinner and on the runs.

Forthcoming Events:

Wednesday 8th March - Club Night at The Amber Hotel, Furnace Row, Somercotes, nr Alfreton

Saturday 18th March – Our first run of the year, to King's Tree in the normally traffic-restricted Upper Derwent Valley, with lunch at the Rising Sun, all thanks to Ian Pidcock

Wednesday 12th April - Club Night at The Amber Hotel, Furnace Row, Somercotes, nr Alfreton

Sunday 23rd April - Drive It Day, organised by David Sygrove

Wednesday 10th May - Club Night at The Amber Hotel, Furnace Row, Somercotes, nr Alfreton

Sunday 21st May – Sunday Run, Details to follow

Friday to Sunday, 9th to 11th June - Derbyshire Dales Weekend, Alison House Hotel, Cromford

Derbyshire Dales Group

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