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TR Action , Social Scene 298

TR Action , Social Scene 298

TR Action No 298

Dave Burton

Hi Fellow followers. On 19th March a small group of us visited Pierre and the Lea Valley Group for

their Sunday Lunch meet at Broom in advance of our forthcoming joint meet up for drive it day. On

Saturday 25th March, 23 of us met for a very nice lunch at The Red Lion at Warmington..The sun shone

and gave us a pleasant ride out in our beloved TR's.

On 2nd April a group of our members attended the Classic Car Show at Old Warden. The home of the

Shuttleworth Collection of Vintage Aircraft. The show was very well supported which caused long

queues on entry, but it was a good show. We had our own stand as did the East Saxons and the North

London Groups, so TR's were well represented. There was a good selection of Old Time auto jumble at

reasonable prices,flying was limited to a couple of Avro Ansons. biplanes and some microlites. A good

time was had by all.

For " Drive it day", 23rd April, Alan Burwood and George Whyment kindly organised a lovely drive

from The Van Hage garden centre in Peterborough to the Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse Museum,

near Dereham in Norfolk where we joined up with the Lea Valley Group. (see Photo).

Following lunch in their restaurant we enjoyed a very interesting tour around the Museum and

Workhouse. The weather was kind so we had a very pleasant run back to Cambridgeshire.

As a point of interest, since writing last and whilst on my way to our club night, I lost the drive on my

TR6. The failure was the Borg and Beck clutch plate sheared its rivets. This is the third failure of this

kind we have experienced within Camb Followers in recent times. The failed plate only appeared to be

held together by 3 rivets whereas the replacement had some sixteen rivets. I am challenging the

supplier but after eight years, I think I might struggle but I assure you the failure was not caused by my

big feet (as it has been suggested).

As I suggested in the last Social Scene, please refer to our website for our future events.

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