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Found 18 results

  1. Not for me or even a TR. A friend needs to replace his V8 roller rockers which are worn beyond use - any recommendations? Sometimes difficult on forums to get a sensible answer - except here of course. Jerry
  2. Hi there, as newbie TR7 V8 owner, I have acquired a recent conversion with (I think) an SD1 V8 which on a recent run round the M25 and M3 at a steady 50-70mph (yes even on the M25!) the temp gauge showed N but upon stopping at Fleet services some steam wisped out. Opened the bonnet, and much steam, quite a bit from around the exhaust manifold, and loosening the overflow tank cap, a lot of pressurised hot water spurted out. So the car has new rad, twin fans (which are working) , the heater still pumping out hot air into the car, belts tight, but the coolant (which was replaced only a few weeks back) looks dark (& dare I say it, oily) but no sign of creamy deposits anywhere. I did notice a couple of strips of (what looked like) red elastic band being ejected with the coolant suggesting a gasket has gone somewhere in the system. Ideas welcome, but I am thinking I need a new thermostat, and/or water pump, not least as some evidence of wetness on the low cross member under the front of the engine. Thanks!
  3. Hi All I am currently putting together an article for the TRaction magazine on the ACN TR8's (not preaching to the converted but these were the approx. 150 TR8 pre-production cars that were, in the main, sent to North America for evaluation). If anyone has one of these cars (please just the ones with the VIN starting ACN ...) then please drop me a line (drcsmith2@hotmail.com) .. it's not important if it is a box on parts in a garage or a concours one. I do own a number of these TR8's, here is one of my favourites, a TR8 which never left the UK and was factory fitted with fuel injection ... known as 'Bumpy'
  4. Help, having had a great morning run out in my TR7 V8 with the roof down and parked amongst several other Triumphs of various types, my son who was driving my MGB V8 parked nearby with a line up of MGBs and Midgets. Now with apologies for raising a query here that isn't strictly technical but not sure where else to post...I took both sets of keys for both cars, and came back with both TR7 keys but only one set of MGB keys. So if you went to the Bicester Scramble on Sunday 7th Jan, is there any remotest fluke of a chance that you stumbled across a set of MG keys on an MG key ring? Yes I know very unlikely but so is winning the lottery, but we still buy tickets. Anyway just in case a club member happened to spot them and picked them up.... Thanks David
  5. As many of you may be aware, over the years I've squirrelled away an awful lot of TR7, TR8 and V8 parts both new and used. Over the past couple of years I have thinned the stock considerably, now that we have only the TR8 Drag Car and my son Tom's black fhc remaining with us, but there is a fair amount still in my store. That amounts to all sorts, from rusty old wheels and endless minor items through to various used and even a new panel or two, and assorted mechanicals of many a variety through electrics and trim. Quantity wise, think a proper Transit, not Connect or Partner size, van required. Wherever I'm going when I kick the bucket, this lot won't be coming with me - that's for sure. I'd like to get shot of it out of Diane's hair before then. It won't be silly money, but nor will it be given away - it is part of her pension fund after all ! No way can I get involved in looking for individual requests for items - sorry, my time is too short, end of. Anyone with a serious interest in shifting the whole damn kit and caboodle in one go, please drop me a PM or email and we'll have a chat, and once I'm back from Spa 6 Hours we can look at what's there in more detail - once some of it has been dragged out to the light of day. Cheers, Alec
  6. A trio of proper quality items recently introduced by my old pal Martin Jay, Dissie Doc . . . . . . and no, I'm not on commission before you ask !! http://www.distributordoctor.com/new_parts_available.html The AC Delco condensers have plagued me in the past, the OE items were never much cop and the subsequent Unipart, CI etc repros worse, these things from DD should work properly as they come from the same guys who make his top notch Lucas condensers. His agent in India seems to be doing an excellent job from what I've seen - not surprisingly, the chaps actually manufacturing Martin's items are delighted to be able to make things up to a standard rather than down to a price. No question, they do a bloody good job. Sure they cost more, quality does. The other two items are V8 rotor arms, again pukka spec and both versions. New supplier, and the rotors look to me like the dog's danglies. 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defect, even in competition application, must be a record ? There are plenty of budget 'one size fits all' repros on offer, but unfortunately by trying to cover both applications in one design these things don't do a decent job in either fitment . . . . . as in they do work, but only just, and certainly not a high rpm. Admittedly the budget onesies are much cheaper, but you get what you pay for . . . . . and what's the point in a V8 that won't rev cleanly ? Cheers Alec
  7. Hello All, This is not at all TRelated, but I'm thinking that somewhere in amongst all the petrol-heads on here someone may know of someone who can overhaul a Holley carburettor for a friend of mine, or point me in the right direction. As time is of the essence, we're trying to avoiding sending it to U.S. Thanks in advance, Richard.
  8. I'm in the bad books of a couple of Wedge owners - for not having mentioned here that I've been clearing surplus parts on the 'bay . . . . . In fairness I had mentioned my stuff At The Bar, but evidently I should have mentioned it in the TR7/8 Forum too . . . . Link - http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=381473955169&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_ssn=alecs_tr_garage_clearance&_sop=1 Can I remind interested viewers that if I have something on auction then it stays on auction - I don't play games with ending listings early for a sudden buy it now or an off ebay sale. That sort of dodgy dealing simply disappoints everyone else who bids and watches in good faith. Cheers Alec
  9. Digging deeper into my piles of assorted surplus ! Before they go on the 'bay . . . . . A trio of 5-speed axles, one is a 3.90, the other two 3.08 . . . . . . the latter high ratio cwp set is now getting harder and harder to find, and costs a packet. All three have been sitting around 10-15 years. The diff internals should be fine - as in remove back plate, wash out, refill with good oil. The 3.9 has the half shaft assemblies, but lacks brakes and propshaft flange. Externally well rusted, but feels decent enough internally. Both 3.08 axles have half shafts and brakes, both decent known quantities that came from running cars and had not covered large mileages. One is rustier externally than t'other, and of course the brakes will require to be dismantled, derusted and rebuilt with new cylinders at least. No I don't know what they're worth, don't seem to come up very often now, but please feel free to send a PM if you're interested . . . . . and with luck you'll probably have a better idea of a sensible price than I do if you're hunting one ! Of course I can send photos if you let me have an email address. Cheers Alec
  10. More well buried oddments . . . . . before they go on the 'bay 3 pairs of Rover V8 heads surplus, all used and in at least halfway decent condition. All three have been sitting around 10-15 years Please feel free to send a PM if you're interested Of course I can send photos if you let me have an email address. Cheers Alec
  11. Grinnal


    Hi Folks I have a grinnall It runs 5 stud wheels, with modified SD1 strut mounts, the car is very twitchy and is pulling left, does any one have figures on how the toe in toe out should be set. Tyre pressures etc are all ok, as is all the front suspension as it has all been renewed also the powersteering rack has been reconditioned. Thanks Mike
  12. Grinnal


    Hi Folks, Looking for advice, I have a Grinnal with the 5 stud conversion, it is really twitchy and I have replaced the strut tops with modified SD1 tops as per the originals fitted by Grinnall. Had the steering rack rebuilt, it has all new rubbers and bushes tracking redone after that. Any advice would be appreciated
  13. I've been asked for a decent source for a 7V8 propshaft - as in decent calibre, but without costing a couple of useful appendages. The ones I've seen from the usual suspects in recent years haven't exactly impressed me, shall we say . . . . . There's a specialist prop outfit in West London, and another in Berkshire I've come across in the past, and I can't recall the name of either. Someone out there must remember, please ! Any suggestions ? Cheers, and thanks, Alec
  14. At last the Round Tuit is being applied to my excessive hoard of Wedgie parts, and I've made a modest start on sorting some of the heftier surplus bits and listing on eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/alecs_tr_garage_clearance/m.html?item=381019257295&fits=Model%3ATR+7&hash=item58b68479cf&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 There will be a lot more stuff listed over the next few months, as time allows . . . . I hate to think how many hundred Wedgie parts of all descriptions I have spare !! Feel free to enquire if you're desperately looking for a whatever, As regards eBay listings, I'll consider a direct approach on 'buy it now' items, but auctions run their course - I hate seeing something I'm watching or bidding on suddenly get pulled off, so I try not to do it to others. I don't use the Forum's insecure messaging system, but can be contacted as captaintr and that's at hotmail of the uk persuasion. Cheers Alec
  15. As you may have seen on the news Unipart Automotive have gone into administration. No pay for July, so claim it back from the government. Same for notice. Kept on by kpmg for 2 weeks to help close it down. Therefore, if I can't find a similar job role pretty soon, the TR will have to go. It has won Pride of Ownership at the IWE a few times. Insured for 10k Hope to make it to IWE, but it seems a long way from Dorset, and cancelling the hotel would save shed loads of dosh.
  16. jothecat

    V8 sump

    Anyone know of a source for a replacement sump for a 4.6? Thanks Jo
  17. Hello, I'm trying to sell my Uncles TR7 V8 3.5 / TR8 soft top, due to his illness he is unable to drive her. He bought her new in 1981 and in 1990 was converted by S&S preparations to a V8 along with brakes,twin pipes, suspension, run on unleaded etc, She has been stored in a garage all her life, engine bay, boot, underneath protected with wax so she is rust free the silver paintwork looks new and she has only done 70,000 miles from new she starts no problem, no smoke, no rattles and revs freely however she has been sat for a year so we have replaced her battery but I'm guessing she needs a good run and/or a service, she is mot'ed and I believe taxed, I also believe the car is in the TR register as she has a TR register sticker on the windscreen I'm trying to find the valve of the car and the best place to sell her, any help would be very appreciated. Cheers, Liam.
  18. I'm sure someone is bound to feel this topic should be in another section, but this one seemed as appropriate as anywhere to me, and we don't need a major debate on the issue. As some Forumites will be aware, I do occasionally have old clutch covers and plates properly reconditioned. The chaps who do these for me are most reliable, I’ve used them personally since the 1980s, and in serious quantity business wise when I was motor factoring during the ‘90s. They are primarily ‘trade’ suppliers, by no means the cheapest, but then you do get what you pay for. Changing times, the independent factoring and garage trade alike are dwindling, and hence Simon and his chaps are now more easily able to deal direct with individual owners. Need I add, typically blunt ‘trade’ attitude to customers, as opposed to retail smoothie flannel from walletbusters. There is no shortage of new TR clutch component. As ever, some new repro items are better than others. Modern repro kit tends to be made down to a price, and engineered to the necessary minimum, which is fair enough. Competition standard clutches are, in comparison, rather expensive. You can’t have the cake and the halfpenny. At least some TR owners would prefer to have proper old original equipment (OE), Made in England component, reconditioned whilst it is still possible – OE clutch components were over-engineered and can usually be rebuilt, subject to condition of course. I happen to like the principle, somehow it seems more efficient and eco-friendly, and I like dealing with skilled blokes who know their TRaditional job. As a price guide, given that some units require more work than others and Simon always tries to play a straight bat TR2 - TR4 Borg & Beck ‘spring’ clutches and TR4A-TR6 Laycock ‘diaphragm’ clutches cost £85+VAT for the pair, that is reconditioning your old cover and plate in other words. TR4A – TR7 B&B or QH (Quinton Hazell) ‘diaphragm’ clutches cost £70+VAT the pair. Clutches for other 1600-2500cc Triumph models are similar – possibly a few quid less for one of the smaller 4-cylinder cars, a tenner or more extra for the larger V8, Stag or Rover. New bearings can usually be supplied, similar price to TR specialists. Otherwise I usually look to Moss for bearings, reasonable price and a pukka product rather than crapiti. Obviously your old units need to be in a condition decent enough to be rebuilt, as opposed to totally shagged (trade technical term, please note). The clutch components usually look sensible on the outside, but not always as good once they have been dismantled. Even then, sometimes an item will fail under stress testing, that’s life – usually Simon manages to find a reasonable solution ! If you have old surplus covers or plates lurking at the back of the garage, they’re always welcome – yes they get a little bit off your bill assuming they’re good enough to rebuild, and perhaps more to the point it does of course help everyone to have a few units ‘on the shelf’. Clutches can often be uprated to a degree, but that depends on just what clutch unit and what component might be available at the time. Talk to Simon direct on this aspect, it’s a variable equation.. I don’t know what the guarantee service is like, before you ask – in 25 years that situation hasn’t ever arisen. Stuff just works. Turnaround time is very quick. P&P back to you is £10+VAT for one or two pairs, three or more is carriage free. Easiest way to send your old units is by www.interparcel.com – I use their Interparcel Economy service, which is UPS, first class in my experience, or they also offer Hermes as the (slower) budget option. You’ll find Precision Clutch here - http://www.precisionclutch.co.uk and it helps to read the basics before jumping on to the phone. Simon can, by the way, deal with most varieties of clutches clutch ever made – right back to the early days of motoring. He’s nearly as good with brake relinings too, although those are no longer an in-house job. Jolly useful, if like me you occasionally get involved with really obscure old motors of whatever sort. Finally, no, I’m not on commission, unfortunately. I simply like small businesses of the traditional kind that do a decent job for sensible money, I reckon they are worth recommending and supporting. Yes OK, an old fashioned attitude, but that’s just my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it. Cheers Alec
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