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  1. Having finally got shot of my great pile of surplus TR7 seats, many of which have gone to be retrimmed ready for new homes in VW Beetle and T2 rat rods (yes, really!) I've now dragged out all the surplus hard plastic trim and the few remaining soft vinyl trimmed items. Half a dozen Wedge dashboards hog an awful lot of space, let alone all the smaller items . . . . . . No electrics or instrument panels, I might add, most of those have either gone (instrument panels) or are waiting sorting (switches etc) in due course, not immediately. If anyone is seeking interior plastic for TR7s p
  2. Digging deeper into my piles of assorted surplus ! Before they go on the 'bay . . . . . A trio of 5-speed axles, one is a 3.90, the other two 3.08 . . . . . . the latter high ratio cwp set is now getting harder and harder to find, and costs a packet. All three have been sitting around 10-15 years. The diff internals should be fine - as in remove back plate, wash out, refill with good oil. The 3.9 has the half shaft assemblies, but lacks brakes and propshaft flange. Externally well rusted, but feels decent enough internally. Both 3.08 axles have half shafts and brakes, both dec
  3. More well buried oddments . . . . . before they go on the 'bay 3 pairs of Rover V8 heads surplus, all used and in at least halfway decent condition. All three have been sitting around 10-15 years Please feel free to send a PM if you're interested Of course I can send photos if you let me have an email address. Cheers Alec
  4. Brand new a squeaky clean with New Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres as well Now I'll grant you that the colour is somewhat of an acquired taste but.... They're growing on me!
  5. Hello All, A friend of mine has recently moved from a top restoration company to start his own engineering company in Gloucestershire. I can thoroughly recommend his work, attitude & commitment. www.kmbengltd.com Kevin loves engineering, all classics & TR's! Cheers.
  6. I've just had to find a set of new tyres for Julian's Minor Marina, hence checking around for best value - sporting Morris, a lot more performance than standard, so it justifies decent tyres . . . . . and wet grip is a priority. The answer proved to be Camskill, and the new Uniroyal Rain Expert 3 tyre, the only one I could find in this size with a high B rating for wet weather grip. Set of 5 tyres 155/80x13, delivered, for £147.70 including a special offer £20 'shopping voucher', net price effectively £127.70 or £25.54 apiece. Bargain or what ? Camskill have the RE3 tyre in TR7
  7. I have cleaned up the flywheel from a Rover 3500 V8 but found some small surface cracks on the pressure surface as shown in the picture. Is this normal or do I need to replace the flywheel? Thanks Keith
  8. This seems slightly worrying for anybody with a replacement chassis or major changes to the cars original construction. http://socforum.com/forum/showthread.php?29146-DVLA-Challenging-Historic-Status Mick Richards
  9. Hi All Am finally getting round to restoring the Tr7 after a few years of divorces and weddings which meant the TR7 had to wait. I am just asking to gauge opinion on whether to keep the existing white that the 7 has or update with a new brighter white, its currently colour code NC F which I think is Pendelican White. It will be having a 16v sprint engine and fast road cam when its completed, it will also ( hopefully) have a black webasto sunroof. Oh and its obviously a fix head coupe. Cheers Al
  10. The time has come...I have gone outside and been some time, Oates style...I've chipped the penguins off the garage door...removed all the permafrost and the remnants of that Mastodon carcass. My TR7 V8 lives outside but all my spares etc live within the confines of concrete and asbestos Anderson Shelter that passes for a "Garage" So the car stated first time..Hussah.. but even after a charge my Battery (5 years old now) is only showing barely over 12 volts... Booh My car is a TR8 replica so the battery lives in the boot currently (joke) it is of the 096 variety and I do like a decent batter
  11. Hi, I have what appears to be an old-ish 3.5L RV8 in a TR7 body. It took a while to sort out because the engine number is not on the plinth beside the oil stick but on the rear flange of the block. The engine number is 42516115, which, I think, makes its heritage from a 1967-1976 automatic P6 Rover. It also has the CR (10.5:1) stamped beside the EN. The car is my daily ride and I want to continue to develop it as a fun track-day and hill climb car. Of course, I have received masses of conflicting advice on how to do this, but I have distilled it down to increasing the capacity to
  12. Hi there, I have an 81 Poseidon Green TR7, but it has been meticulously converted into a right hand drive TR8 replica, even got a full set of Stromberg carbs etc TR8 rack too, ...which I might add gave me a few head-aches when it decided to implode the hydraulic pipes just before Xmas...sorted now... It had a huge amount of money thrown at(photographic bible etc) it by a previous owner and he'd done a fine job but...he did that job in about 1995 so some time ago. When the front end started creaking like a Hammer Horror gothic door I fully rebuilt it using AVO adjustable front dampers and sl
  13. Hi all - I appreciate this is a little "off thread" but I'm sure someone will be able to help. I'm currently on holiday a long way from home and I'm trying to help a friend who wants to fit a mechanical oil pressure gauge to his 1986 V8 Land rover defender 90 3.5L carb version - trouble is I'm not familiar with this engine and I'm trying to find out where I can take a direct oil pressure feed to the gauge - trouble is the fitting kit for the gauge doesn't have a T piece as otherwise I would fit this where the oil pressure switch is - it only has straight threaded couplings. Looking fro
  14. Please see my post in Buy Sell TRade http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/50325-tr7-interior-trim-etc-for-sale/ At last I am moving out a fair wadge of wedge parts . . . . . Cheers Alec
  15. Got the power steering fixed and the car is up and about again brilliant. But the car has always had a minor glitch with the 3 speed fan. Speed one often works Speed 2 works sometimes Speed 3 usually doesn't work but tends to come on after 10 minutes or so? Any ideas? Cheers Brian
  16. Now, in a flurry of Spanners I whipped off all the fastening for the pump and "put them somewhere safe". Yes....can''t find them anywhere...humph. So given that its a std SD1 pump with reservoir affixed can anybody give me a clue if there were any spacers washers that set the pump so that it aligns with the belt? I've tried a couple of times but clearly something is wrong as the pulley isn't straight. Any Help much appreciated Brian
  17. Hi folks, I drive the Yellow Peril in heavy freeway traffic and I'm finding the original mirrors unsatisfactory. (I'm probably a bit spoilt by the mirrors on my more modern car.) Does anyone know of a make/model of side-view power mirrors that are compatible with a TR? My ideal would be something with a footprint that's similar to the present fixing point, but it might be expecting too much. Look forward to hearing from you. Mike
  18. I've been asked for a decent source for a 7V8 propshaft - as in decent calibre, but without costing a couple of useful appendages. The ones I've seen from the usual suspects in recent years haven't exactly impressed me, shall we say . . . . . There's a specialist prop outfit in West London, and another in Berkshire I've come across in the past, and I can't recall the name of either. Someone out there must remember, please ! Any suggestions ? Cheers, and thanks, Alec
  19. At last the Round Tuit is being applied to my excessive hoard of Wedgie parts, and I've made a modest start on sorting some of the heftier surplus bits and listing on eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/alecs_tr_garage_clearance/m.html?item=381019257295&fits=Model%3ATR+7&hash=item58b68479cf&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 There will be a lot more stuff listed over the next few months, as time allows . . . . I hate to think how many hundred Wedgie parts of all descriptions I have spare !! Feel free to enquire if you're desperately lo
  20. Hi, I have a Grinnall with the 5 STUD wheel hubs. On the fromt suspension the strut mounts at the top of the suspension are past it. Can anyone confirm that these are SD1 units? Or tell me what they are likley to be Thanks Mike
  21. Does anybody Know how good these Electric Power Steering kits for the TR7? Also how reliable are they?
  22. Hi folks, Tried to get some feed back a few months ago regarding Electric power steering for my TR7 V8 but without much luck. I have asked around and I haven't found any body whose had this system fitted. The main feedback I got was the TR7 steering is fine as it is. Both my TR8's ( one Factory, one Replica ) have Hydraulic Power steering and there great to drive and without the classic steering wheel wobble. Well, I can tell you now I have bit the bullet and had the Electric power steering fitted. This is an S&S system fitted along with one of there brand new quick racks.MY GOD!! its
  23. A stupid guy making stupid things, that's what I am : before dismantling to overhaul them, I didn't take pictures of the pipes who are connected to the ignition system on my TR8, and do the same stupid thing about the Stromberg carbs So, I'm now with : - a flexible rubber pipe who's connected under the left carb, who have its other side connected to the distributor side of the advance vacuum caps, iit should be correct, as it is connected the same way on my Range Rover ? - 2 small angled steel pipes at the top of each carb (ie one per carb), just located at the top of butterflies,
  24. Hi, I'd be grateful for some help in identifying my engine. The engine number is on a flange on the rear left of the block (see photo) and is 42516115 and the CR is 10.5:1. This tallies with the tables Rimmer Bros put out and identifies the engine as a 1967-1976 3.5L, originally in an automatic P6 Rover. The issue is that my engine does not have the tab on the deck of the block that sticks out between cylinders 3 and 5, where the engine number usually lives. Folks on other forums have never seen this before. Does it tell me something more about the origins of my engine? Does it te
  25. Hi guys, have been trying to get headlamp modules to lift when I flash main beam. They are not working any ideas please. They lift when dipped beam is operated but not when I operate th flash mode. Thanks in advance for any help andy
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