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  1. I have been thinking about fitting a locking fuel cap to my TR3A. I'm posting in the general Technical Chat forum as I imagine similar questions and restrictions apply to the whole TR2-6 range (plus derivatives). At first I thought it might be possible to fit some sort of locking cap below the standard TR cap for outward originality, but suspect this is a non-TRivial solution. So, I am wondering if anyone has fitted one of these Aston or Monza locking caps: http://www.moss-europe.co.uk/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=21538&SortOrder=4 Any advice regarding venting, sizes and
  2. Does anyone know the lenght of a spitfire ( 4 wheel model ) choke cable ? It looks like it could fit my 250 with HS6s rather than missing about with the twin cable i have at the moment. They seam to have the same style of knob as well. Your thoughts. Patch
  3. I guess that most of us suffer to a greater or lesser degree from the wiper blade that rests just off the screen acquiring a "set" which means it doesn't wipe properly when pressed into service. Some people park their blades vertically on the screen but that can be a faff as you have to do it every time you park up and it's not clever on a dry screen. What I do if it looks like rain is to swap the blades over. Then the flat one is on the driver side (for RHD cars) and the one with the set seems to wipe OK on the passenger side. Give it a whirl, it works for me and I've been out in some ser
  4. Any body replaced the rubber straps on the back of the seat using the MOss webbing strap kit? The Moss kit does not look anything like the original rubber strap plus no instructions on how to assemble the wire clips provided in the kit - anyone done the job who can give any hints. Phil
  5. Just like to report that I have just done the handbrake mod on page 33 of TRAction 269 (Sept 2013) and it has improved the performance of this a lot on my TR4A. Can now use just one hand to pull on handbrake and it holds on steep hills. Just like to add that new pivot hole is 11mm centre to centre from old hole. Also you need to make sure both cables move at same time on equaliser plate (may need to lengthen/shorten one) and when handbrake is partly on, both wheels offer same resistance (jack up rear of car and try to turn each wheel in turn by hand - resistance on both should be similar. If
  6. Here are some images of the cars and the venues at the 2013 Vintage Triumph Register Convention / Triumphest at from October 2-6, 2013, courtesy of one of the attendees, David Gunn. The hosts this year were the Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club (http://www.triumphtravelers.org/), the Triumph marque club in the Bay Area. I wasn't able to attend -- it's sort of like having the TRR IWE be a 4000 mile round trip for the weekend. And I live in the middle of our country! You'll see a powder blue TR3 in some of the photos that did make the ride (on a trailer) from our local club to the wes
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