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  1. When I rewired my 3A I kept the old wiring harness. This provides me with spare colour coded wiring for additional extras. Tom.
  2. Hi All Trying to finish off my electrical installation and hopefully not a million miles away. But its new electrical harness installation on a bare car (so no old harness references) so I have some question which might be obvious to everyone, but err not to me. So I’m using the brown book and the advance auto-wire wiring diagrams but need some clarification on a few points. Horn Relay. I’m sure I found a schematic that said what wire to what connection. But as I cannot find it can someone enlighten me. There are C1, C2, W1, and W2 connections and as far as I can work out the f
  3. Had problems with the Overdrive that turned out to be the switch. So I replaced it, but this one is nearly as bad in as much as the overdrive will keep dropping out and reengaging. Are they all from the same source or are some better than others? Definitely the switch because if I put pressure on it I can get The overdrive to cycle! Or has anyone managed a good modification?
  4. Having recently had the dashboard and steering column out on my car, a 73 CR and replaced wiring and heater etc., I am now in the process of checking everything. My indicator switch was very worn and tired and I have ordered a new one. However the spring clip on the steering column with the wheels straight ahead, has the operation hump at 12 o'clock which does not seem right. This clip has an indentation that engages with a indentation on the steering column and therefore will only go in one fixed orientation. The steering column is connected as was previously and unless I am missing somethin
  5. XKC1808 is fitted to late US TR6 : apparently made in Zamak, it's bolted under the front bumper. I need the right one (driver side on UK' car), who can help ? https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID600327 (item 119 on this drawing)
  6. This is a related question to a recent/ongoing topic ref: new harness. I am also thinking of purchasing an Autosparks harness however, I wish to rebuild a new fuse box in a more modern style (more than 4 fuses and a couple of relays), After some research of manuals/books and web sites I am at a loss to find any list of power/ current draw of the components that bring a TR6 to life, ok some give indication of starter motor requirements, major lighting but not things like, heater motor, wiper motor, fuel pump, overdrive solenoid, horns, radio ( small I know) etc. Am I looking at the right ma
  7. Hi All Kind of linked to my previous Overdrive post (Electricy Help) but more help needed with my electrical bits. So for info it’s a UK 72 Pi and I’m installing ALL new Autosparks harnesses for the model and options. So the Autosparks mini harness code 865 goes from the relay and ends up with two spurs, one goes to the OD and connects via another little harness BC58, and hopefully I’ve got that bit ok now. But there is still that question where does the second spur off the 865 Relay to OD harness go. It has to go to the OD switch right? But harness has a yellow green wire and a pl
  8. I'm about to order a wiring harness, and thought I'd ask a couple of questions before ordering. I've done a search and found some useful info here already, but still have some questions: Revington TR have a rally wiring harness they say can be used for a TR5, but was developed for the TR4. That seems to have a lot of extras in it, although at a significant price. Has anyone used this, and if so did it work well and were many modifications required for a TR5? If I go to autosparks they do a standard harness and you can have upgrades to that. I know I need a better supply to the fuel
  9. Hi all I’m installing a new Autosparks harness in my 72 Pi restoration project. Now I’m no autoelectrician but wanted to do it myself rather than farm it out as that’s largely the point of buying a resto project than a nice running, driving car and how hard can it be, right. Lol. So I used my old harness, badly labelled on dismantling to label the new harness along with the 1972 wiring diagram from Advanceautowire and the facia connections diagrams on pages 88.00.01 sheets 2 and 4 of the brown book. So most of it makes sense but as a trial run, to try to make sure I knew what I wa
  10. Hello Has anyone had a Cobra 8510 immobiliser fitted to their TR4a ? I could use some help regarding connecting it up. The basing wiring looks fairly straightforward (!) and I can see how to connect the immobiliser No1 to the ignition. But the Cobra 8510 has immobiliser No2 wires, which I assume would be used for an electric fuel pump. My TR4a still has the mechanical fuel pump, so I am not sure what to do with the Immobiliser No2 wires. Any suggestions? So far I think my options are: 1. Fit an Fuel cut off switch upstream to the fuel pump and connect up to the Immobilizer No2 2. Use the imm
  11. Has anyone been able to fit Daylight Running Lights to the front of their TR3A? Tom.
  12. I've just test fitted Osram Night Breaker bulbs to the headlamps of my 3A. The light output is fantastic!! Highly recommended. Tom.
  13. Recently went to start up BUO (TR6) after 3 months in storage and found the battery completely flat. Not just so low it wouldn't turn the engine, but so flat it wouldn't even illuminate the ignition light. I've never had a battery this flat after this sort of period, especially as its a new 90 amp Bosh that was charged before layup. I was thinking of what might have caused the discharge and was wondering if its the way I have cooling fan wired. I have a permanent live feed going to a relay that earths via a thermostatic switch in the radiator. In use, rad gets hot switch closes, eart
  14. I have to replace the wiring for the overdrive on my j type overdrive on my TR 6 C.R as it currently resembles a burnt out sparkler ! A previous owner has used a relay in the circuit which I dont think it should have. It has also been modified to work on three gears. What ampage wire should I be using for the circuit to operate the overdrive ? Should I use a relay in the circuit? MARK
  15. Hello, can someone describe how to remove the chrom rim from the headlamp? I have the sping clip version. Regards Jochem
  16. after nearly completing the TR4th bridge i'm thinking i may address the fan situation as it seems very feeble and we like to use it all year round ,although with the bonnet scoop open there is no issue with misting up at all when driving but to help defrost in the beginning would help, any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated, just renewed all coils,shocks and poly bushed it, what a transformation, if anyone needs any old squeaks rattles knocks or bangs i've got them in a bag somewhere, that with an anti gearstick rattle spring i reckon i could hear the radio now if i put it back in, re
  17. Hi Folks Anyone got any ideas how to create a clean 12v supply on a car. I now have several electronic devices on the car that really need a clean 12V supply, and I know that Dynamos and Voltage Regulators and Alternator supplies are variable at best and spikey at worst. I also discovered a month or two back that even things like simple timing strobes that plug into HT leads (rather than use an inductive clamp) can actually send very high voltage spikes back down their power supply cable to the battery. So I'd like to create a clean 12v supply point, that I can enable when turning
  18. As a change from Lidl, here's a good price for the AA one: https://www.7dayshop.com/products/aa-car-essentials-intelligent-12v-and-6v-battery-charger-maintainer-for-lead-acid-gel-batteries-5060114614956?utm_source=maillist&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201801119 Pete
  19. Whilst stripping out my cr tr6 for repairs to heater plenum, I noticed a Earthing point tab directly under the steering column in front of the bulkhead on the engine side. There is a black wire on loom as it comes out through the bulkhead that obviously looks as it should have been connected to this tab. However it was not and had been earthed at some time by trapping the connector under bonnet catch!!! I must admit I had not noticed this tab before starting to sand area and sliced my finger !! What does this earth and why the strange location? MARK
  20. What looks like a bargain alternator spotted on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-ROVER-SD1-3500SE-VANDEN-PLAS-VITESSE-LUCAS-ALTERNATOR-NOS-/202088828506 and another http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-RANGE-ROVER-TRIUMPH-TR7-TVR-TASMIN-350i-390SE-LUCAS-ALTERNATOR-NOS-/202088818550 and a pair of real rarities, OE foglamps . . . . http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAND-NEW-PAIR-OF-TRIUMPH-TR7-TR8-AUSTIN-ALLEGRO-ROVER-SD1-FRONT-FOG-LIGHTS-NOS-/192341468856 Usual disclaimers, I just spotted these browsing Cheers Alec
  21. I am replacing the RB106 regulator with a solid state unit. It can be mounted behind the dashboard inside the car, so that there is no overheating. The wires need to be connected to the existing loom. This would be easy if I could use regular spade terminals and leave the new unit on show in the engine bay. However I am planning to leave an empty Regulator box in place and solder the wires to the brass rivets which hold the existing spade connectors. I am OK soldering copper pipes but not so good with cables. I notice that the existing cables from A1 are soldered at the back so I assum
  22. HI All, something I've been thinking about for a little while and now as I've fitted an electric cooling fan, something I've come back as the spring draws near and playtime beckons. I've seen on e-bay (not always as bad as people say) a number of sites starting to sell the C39/40 dynamo Alternator like-a-likes for £125.95. Has anybody any experience of using these? And if so do you know if you can change the hand of them by rotating the front plate 180 degrees as all the images I can see on the web show a right handed version and my TR4 would need to have left handed version. I've asked o
  23. For the fact of working in disaster management for a living i should know that disasters always occur after a conjunction of cock-ups. Right ? After replacing the steering column doughnuts, I thought that it would be smart to fit a spring en guise of earth lead. Very smart indeed. The horn was horny as ever but the battery charge not quite so. Then the car started developing as strange burned (burnt?) rubber smell which I couldn't locate. Never mind, If something breaks i'll fix it. So last nite i opened the bonnet to undo the quick disconnect battery connector and found a that something was
  24. I'm having a few electrical problems with my TR6 and being advised that I might need a new wiring loom.Fuses are blowing because of shorting and I'm being told that wiring has been cobbled together over time. Does anyone have any idea how much this might cost and recommendations for doing the work? Car is in good condition otherwise.
  25. Not often you see one of these . . . . . http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LOTUS-ELAN-EUROPA-AUSTIN-MORRIS-MINI-COOPER-TRIUMPH-TR6-HILLMAN-MG-WIPER-MOTOR-/192341468818 Usual disclaimers, nowt to do with me, just spotted browsing . . . . Cheers Alec
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