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Found 3 results

  1. In the past, a PO has installed a short speedo cable that runs internally across the cabin floor, then rises up the side of the g/box cover where is is secured with a P clip then vertically through the carpet just under the dash and round to the back of the speedo. From re search, I suspect it might be a L/hand drive rev counter cable. Three irritations with this. First, the the handbrake gaiter cannot be secured flat to floor because it goes over the cable and so the rustproofing oil seeps through into the carpet. Second, the new gearbox cover carpet will have to butchered like the existing one. Thirdly, there is the (admittedly minor) risk of damaging the vertical cable in some way by catching it. I understand the traditional route of the long cable. Question: Can it be installed in the back of the speedo without removing it from the dash? Having contorted myself (again) under the dash it looks as if I can get my had round the back of the speedo by removing the support bracket. Prefer not to remove the speedo because of the daisy chain of wiring for all the little gauge lamps and on the theory that least tinkered with, least chance of b*****ing up something else! Anyone done this? Miles
  2. Hi guys, Hope those of you who got out for drive it day yesterday had fun. On the way home my speedometer stopped, I've just had a chance to look at it and pulled the speedo cable and it appears to me that the plastic bush has moved so that the square end can't engage with the speedo drive (I can't move this bush by hand). It looks chamfered like the opposite end and I can tell there isn't a snapped off end still in the speedo. Am I correct and if I need to order a new one can I just measure the inner cable length? Gareth
  3. My car currently has a written style choke knob, I've replaced all the other knobs and want to put this back to a picture type (1970 CP). When I removed the written type I realise the choke cable is different. I went to the usual suppliers and nearly spat out my tea at the price of a new cable! Is there a way of securing the picture knob to my current cable? Or does anyone know where I can obtain a more reasonably priced earlier cable or have a second hand one? Thanks Gareth
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