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  1. Hi Conrad I am not familiar with what sort of hood this is. It is not by chance a hardtop is it? I have a 62 TR4 and I know the 4A has different fittings. A photo would be helpful please?
  2. Always an optimist and in my last post I stated that I believed the supplier is genuine and good and the reputation attested above supports that. A week ago my dash arrived. It is a lovely finish and clearly made by a craftsman - can't fit it to the car yet as it is in a paint shop right now but look forward to doing that - Good luck Graeme from Canada. Nick
  3. Sorry to find I am not the only one affected Graeme. A few days after my last post 23 Mar I had a call from Ian Bond (the owner of CD). Not wishing to bore the pants off you guys with full details he did apologies and revealed he had been most unwell. I decided this was genuine and that he is a genuine guy, the same thoughts I had when I shook his hand in Feb after agreeing the deal. In the following days there were several pleasant phone calls from him all positive but as I was going away we agreed he would courier it on Friday 6 April for delivery the following Monday - less than 50 miles d
  4. Thank you to all who posted their affirmation for Classical Dashboards and for the other tips- the feedback is helpful even if my experience is totally different. I purchased on for my TR4 back at Stoneleigh on 11 Feb show direct from their stand. They have taken the money and so far have not responded to any of my requests, having said at the time of the sale that they were in stock for a reasonably prompt delivery. Clearly not the company they once were and I now have to try to get back the money that I paid in good faith. No response to numerous emails, a registered letter, or to phone mes
  5. Anyone purchased a replacement wooden dashboard? Thinking of replacement as mine is knackered. Anyone purchased from Classical Dash Stokenchurch in Bucks or can recommend a decent company to deal with from their personal experience?
  6. Hi Monty I trust you know that at the best of times the heating is spartan and meagre. If the valve was hot it is either hot from convection from the head and engine generally and possibly the valve it not opening. I had the same problem and have it again yesterday but not had time to fix it yet. Try removing the cable ( well losen it) and then with your hand move the valve open and shut many times with the engine running. If that does not open the flow remove the pipe and once it gets going you can reconnect. (careful anti freeze and paint so have a bucket ready and you can always put
  7. Thanks to you all Chris, Pete W and Brian for your solutions. I went for a straight replacement with a view to converting to the electro mechanical switch by the master cylinder as the TR4A is set up. Still trying to get the old pressure switch out of the brake junction so maybe I should go to step 2 immediately! Sorry I did not acknolwedge my appreciation earlier but home PC got a virus caused by the manufucaturer of the virus checker....now that's scary. Nick
  8. Ideas please According to the workshop manual the brake light switch is just ahead of the master cylinder. Well its not on my car. Both my brake lights have failed so I have done the usual checks - Bulbs both elements in each bulb are fine. (tested remotely with a transformer I have). Fuses both are fine. a look behind the dash to see if there are any obvious wires disconnected - None. An inspection of the wires feeding the units - all fine. I therefore conclude it is the brake switch but where is it? The only place I think it could be located is under the flat plate inside the car
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