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21st April 2024

The 31st Wessex Annual Duck Race!

The 31st Wessex Annual Duck Race!

This is our monthly “club run” and a change from our usual March date.

It's time once again to put your design, fettling and decoration skills to good use and get ready for this years Duck Race.

Regulars will know that we have been using the same stream ever since this event started. Unfortunately, over the years, the stream has become strewn with fallen trees and that dams have been created which makes it tricky to run an effective race. So we're going to have a break with tradition this year and use Linford Brook near Ringwood.

We'll have the traditional two classes of entry, Standard and Modified but, as ever, there will be prizes not just for the winners in these classes but also for creativity and entertainment, so get creative!

Sunday 21st May, 10:45am start for scrutineering.

Wellies Recommended!