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20th May 2023

Kennet Valley Group Dyno Testing Day - Come along and see how many horse's you've got?

Kennet Valley Group Dyno Testing Day - Come along and see how many horse's you've got?

The KVG Dyno Shoot Out Once Again

As lockdown eases and we get released back into the wide TR world, Kennet Valley Group is bringing back its postponed ‘Dyno Shoot Out’ at a local centre. An event to get the TR petrol heads back on the road !

A Dyno, is simply a device used for measuring the power and torque output from an engine. It’s a superb tool either when developing a custom tune for a vehicle or just wanting a general health check on engine performance compared to ‘factory’. During the dyno run, your car’s performance will be measured as a print out of flywheel bhp, torque and air-fuel ratios plotted across the entire rev range right up to the red line or as far as you want to go. The plan for the morning would be that each car in turn will be placed on the rolling road ,strapped down securely, power run performed and the outputs generated as above.

As a way of adding a bit of extra fun into the morning we are planning a little friendly competition by having a league table that will rank the cars on how many ‘horses’ have ( or haven’t) left the stable since factory and a league table looking at bhp per engine cc to try and cater for the spectrum of vehicles involved. The escaped horses might also help you identify some troubleshooting and tune up homework for the future.

The Dyno centre, Horsham Developments at Chieveley, has a large yard where approx. 15-20 cars can be accommodated, if you just want to come and watch you can do so for free, but please register so we know numbers coming, you can take a flask of coffee/tea and a sandwich or two and even a toolkit if you’re feeling really competitive! 

We will announce the prices, time and final details soon.

In addition, in the next door unit is Pioneer Autos, a classic car seller who regularly advertises in the classic mags and I’m sure will be interested in a coffee and a tyre kick once he hears about our morning.

If you are interested, please press the register button below and pay on the link.

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