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29th April 2023

Donington Historic Festival

Donington Historic Festival

Join fellow Triumph TR Register car club members at the Donington Historic Festival at 50% discount off all tickets.



  1. Go to:

  2. Create your MSV account, or login if you already have an account. When you get to the page that asks ‘who are you displaying with?’ select ‘With a club’ then select our club’s name from the list

  3. CAR DETAILS: Add the details of the vehicle/s you will be bringing to display on the club stand.

  4. TICKET SELECTION: IMPORTANT - the online club ordering system automatically puts one combined adult driver entry ticket/display vehicle parking pass for your chosen day/days into your shopping basket before you get to the ticket selection area. This ticket gives entry to both the driver and their car. So, when you get to ticket selection, just select any passenger entry tickets that you may need.

  5. In the shopping basket you will see any additional tickets you have chosen showing as entry tickets and your combined driver entry ticket/parking pass will show as a vehicle display pass (shown at the price for an entry ticket). The tickets will automatically be discounted by 50% so you don’t need to enter any club code.

Please note, there is no telephone booking facility, and the club discount is only available to those bringing a display vehicle (and their vehicle passengers).

Need to amend the details of your registered display car once you have bought your driver entry ticket? Email and they will be able to change the vehicle details in their system and issue a replacement combined display parking pass/driver entry ticket for you.

Need additional parking only passes (not additional combined driver entry tickets/parking passes)? For example, if you have bought your driver entry ticket/parking pass but plan to bring a different car on each of the two days of the event so need a pass that will allow you to park a different car to that listed on your combined driver entry ticket/parking pass on the second day. Please

email and they will sort this for you.