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7th July 2022

TS2, Forth & Borders

TS2, Forth & Borders

*** UPDATED 25 April 2022 ***

Derek Macallister will collect TS2 from Tay Group on Wednesday 6 July 2022 around 6pm at Broxden Services and drive back to Stirling. 

Thursday 7July is an opportunity to drive TS2 in the Stirling area if you're in that area - please ask Derek if you'd like to have a go. Feel free to contact Derek either via me or the ScottishGoogle Group.

On Friday 8 July 2022 Derek will hand over TS2 to Stephen Hall at the Kelpies around 10-11am.  TS2 will then be driven to Duns to be situated outside Jim Clark Museum and members will have the opportunity to drive TS2 from here between around 2pm to 4pm.  Rob Jenner will take custody of the car at this point.  Also, maybe you might like to bring your own TR and follow TS2 down to Duns ?

On Saturday 9 July 2022 Rob will return TS2 to the Jim Clark Museum to allow further members to drive TS2 - why not combine a visit to this Magnificent Museum in this historically significant vehicle.  Then TS2 will be handed over to Northumbria at Carter Bar around 7pm and that's when she finally leaves Scotland and heads back into England.

The TR Register has announced that TS2, the club's promotional vehicle and the first right hand drive production TR2 built, will undertake a Round Britain Relay Run aiming to visit every one of the 53 local groups of the TR Register Car Club. This is an extension of the original regional tour proposed for 2020 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the TR Register which was sadly cancelled due to the global pandemic.

Stephen Hall is coordinating this initiative and ahead of the official announcement of the fixtures, dates, shows and route for the tour in TR Action's December issue, Stephen explains his plans below;

I am not sure about you, personally I have heard enough bad news over the last six months. The Global Pandemic has dominated our news channels and rightly so, it is affecting our lives in many, different ways!

It is most likely not escaped your notice that 2020 is the 50thanniversary year of the TR Register and whilst the events at the start of the year went ahead and were outstanding, most others had to be cancelled, for obvious reasons.

With that in mind and building on the 2007 event where TS2 toured the UK in the hands of almost every single group through the Country, drum roll please……the Management Team have initiated a similar tour for TS2 in 2021 as a belated birthday present to our members. The four Trustees of TS2, Keith Read who so generously donated TS2 to the Register, Ian Evans an Honorary Vice President, Phil Tucker long standing member for over 40 years and current Chairman Allan Westbury have all given their blessing for TS2 to tour the UK. Phil sprang into action with his usual enthusiasm and general all round helpfulness and has started to develop the handover documentation for each group and the Caretaker of TS2, Julian Taylor is already making plans to ensure TS2 is fully serviced and ready to go on next year’s exciting tour. Jo at HQ will collate each groups detail to ensure that we have appropriate handover contacts. I am convinced with this level of expertise and your help we will have a major success on our hands for next year.

It is highly possible that the current pandemic will still be with us throughout next year, however we believe with social distancing and following the rules which would of course include sanitation of TS2 between groups we are very hopeful that we can pull this off.

So, what should you do? Well, please refer to the dates of TS2 trip then start planning what your group will do to celebrate the TR Register’s golden anniversary. That is the why, now the what, we would like you to use as much imagination as possible and get the TR Register, TS2 and of course your own group promoted in as imaginative way as possible. It is a brilliant opportunity to swell your ranks and “keep the spark alive”. Remember, our members have had many events cancelled and this is an opportunity to lift everyone’s spirits for next year, yes the virus will most likely still be around, we think we can develop a strategy to allow this event to proceed.