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18th June 2022

TR Youth Cotswolds tour

TR Youth Cotswolds tour

The event will start at “UE coffee Roastery” in Whitney, Oxfordshire, bright and early 9:30 am. Whilst waiting as an early arrival for the late comers, you will be able to fuel yourself with coffee and breakfast for the big off. Once everyone is gathered, we will then draw names out of a hat for the starting order. Once that is decided, cars will be given a staggered start time of 10 minutes apart. Each entrant will receive Destination cards 5 minutes before the allotted start time. This will allow entrants to plan their route before setting off. The finish line will be the Cotswolds Airport café. Just outside the village of Kemble. A massive array of 747’s to historic fighter planes, what better place to park up a few Spitfire’s and TR’s.

The tour will take you to specific towns and places to complete a challenge or selfie including the finishing line. These will have to be shown to our team at the finishing point. The points will be tallied, and the winner gets a prize. A very appropriate trophy.

To participate in this event, please get in touch via the email for the tr youth

The start date is on the 18th of June so if you are available.

As you all know the event is 18th June, the start point is confirmed as aim to meet at 10 and leave by 10.30 so please do not be late.
We expect the route to take 2-3 hours, again if you have any queries the PM me.If you have not already let me know you are coming, please do.

Due to the nature of the event and the licenses all drivers must be TR register members.