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24th April 2022

SDG attendance on Drive It Day at Chatham Historic Dockyard

SDG attendance on Drive It Day at Chatham Historic Dockyard

Drive It Day visit to Chatham Historic Dockyard

Although too late to preorder, you can turn up on the day and “pay on the gate” is available at £20 per person.

If you intend to "pay on the gate" but would like to participate in the SDG convoy to the event from Sussex, then please email and tell him you are interested.

General information -

Following the cancelled 2020 and 2021 events, the 2022 gathering of all the TR groups from the South East Region of the UK will be held at Chatham Historic Dockyard which is located at Main Gate Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4TZ.

The dockyard is the setting for the popular BBC TV series “Call The Midwife”.

We have permission to park our TRs in Museum Square on the day and the plan is to arrive between 10.30 and 11.00am, drive up Main Gate Road past the entrance to the Visitors Car Park to the 'Rolling Gate' where you will be met by marshals. At this point, those with prepaid wristbands will be waved through to park their TRs in Museum Square. Those who haven't prepaid will be able to buy wristbands from the marshals at the gate before entering. Any members who arrive at the 'Rolling Gate' in a non TR (including moderns) will be directed to park their cars in the adjacent undercover car park before proceeding to enter the site on foot. Anyone arriving in a non TR must bring their TR Register membership card with them to show that they are part of this event.

We will have exclusive use of the prestigious Commissioners House. There will be a fully furnished and equipped marquee in the garden at the rear where a sandwich buffet will be provided. There will also be a fully licensed lounge bar at the House which will be operated on our behalf by staff from the Dockyard on the day.

There are a number of tours organised by the dockyard, several of which are free and others which need to be paid for individually by members. Of the paid tours, we have reserved a limited number of places on the very popular 'Call the Midwife Tour' (SOLD OUT). There may be a High Speed Boat Trip operating. If it is, we will confirm prices and issue a separate wristband for this.