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21st March 2022

TR Track Day, Silverstone Circuit

TR Track Day, Silverstone Circuit

We are delighted to offer Silverstone Arena GP circuit; that’s the circuit is as used for the British Grand Prix. It is 1/2 mile longer than the previous "old" GP circuit and the Arena section is a real technical challenge. This is a three session per hour day with each session lasting 20 minutes. We expect each car to have 2 hours of track time throughout the day, assuming no stoppages. As is fitting for TRs, we will be operating from the Heritage pits, not the new Wing complex. Book early to ensure your space.

Please note: Due to restriction with the contract with Silverstone, we regret that first – time track day drivers may not participate in this particular event.

You can book to bring along a second driver but we can only allow one additional driver per car. The second driver must sit as passenger during the sighting laps and then perform his own sighting laps at a lower speed during his first session on track. If your second driver's experience is significantly different to your own, please email: 

Car and 1st driver


Additional driver




Noise limit


Sign on


Drivers’ briefing


Track opens


Track closes


Note:  Track time is subject to a lunch break & conditions on the day