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24th March 2022

London Group TR Skid Pan experience - Thruxton

London Group TR Skid Pan experience - Thruxton

In a safe and controlled environment will you develop the skills needed to correct and control a sliding car, a situation that you may encounter on the public roads. Not only is this great fun, but more importantly a hugely worthwhile investment in your own and your passengers safety.

Unlike many venues, Thruxton offer you the choice of either the use of your own classic vehicle or the use of a car from our modern fleet. This will help in not only adverse conditions, but also how to control a sliding car relying on pure driver skill. We feel this will give you the best preparation for anything the roads and weather may throw at you!

  • This skid pan experience is a one hour session on the skid pan driving either your own Classic Vehicle or either the MINI Cooper or Toyota GT86.
  • Each session will run with two in each car, driver and passenger.
  • Your experience will start with a 10 minute briefing and short demonstration. The remaining 25 minutes is all driving (2up)
  • Your skid pan instructor will be outside giving detailed advice, instruction and encouragement via a two way radio.


  • Straight line slalom, weight transfer and direction change controlling under and oversteer.
  • Prolonged control of under and oversteer on 45m diameter circle.

So for us in our TR's not only fun but a seriously useful experience to fully understand what happens to our cars when outside forces take a hold, this in a totally safe and controlled environment, not something to miss I would suggest!

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