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5th September 2021

Scottish Torque Show 2021 in support of the RAF Benevolent Fund

Scottish Torque Show 2021 in support of the RAF Benevolent Fund

This event will again be held in the grounds of Broomhall House in Fife. This is the ancestral home of the Bruce family and Lord Bruce has graciously allowed for us to use the grounds of this wonderful house for the event again this year.

The format of the show will be largely similar to what we had lined up for 2020. There will be display parking for both clubs and individuals on the day. This will be a private and strictly 'Invitation Only' event with no members of the public being allowed to enter on the day.

The cost of entry for the event remains the same as 2020 at £25 for an individual car and driver. Any passenger over the age of 16 years of age would pay £10 on top of this.

As in 2020 the Scottish Torque Show will be raising well needed funds for our wonderful RAF Benevolent Fund who continue to support veterans and serving members of the RAF and their families.

At this early stage we have already secured some of the following attractions that will be on site all day at the event.

  • Two Rolls Royce Merlin engines ( The engine that won a war) Both Merlin engines will be started and running at various times throughout the day. PLUS - Auction prize high bidders will be able to sit behind and start up and run the engines. Bids accepted to be able to sit behind and start these engines anytime leading up to the show.
  • Supermarine Spitfire - Full sized replica displayed in the grounds with photo opportunities in the cockpit during the day.
  • Historic Military vehicles
  • RAF musicians/band
  • The wonderful 'McAndrew Sisters' singing era appropriate songs.
  • A display of Scottish motor sport legends cars, including Jim Clark's personal Lotus Elan and Colin McRae's famous championship Subaru rally car.
  • Some flying activity overhead - weather permitting which we hope will include a 75% scale Spitfire in authentic RAF colours.
On the day there will be much more for everyone to enjoy and a full itinerary will eventually be made available nearer the time.


RAF BENEVOLENT FUND DINNER - Saturday 4th September 2021

Details for the RAF Benevolent Fund dinner will be released in the weeks to come by the RAF Benevolent Fund to me. I can however promise you a truly unique and hugely enjoyable evening. There will be guest speakers from the RAF with some inspiring and humbling stories. On top of this we are working to get a guest speaker from the world of motorsport to appeal as well to the petrol heads amongst us.

The theme for this years RAF Dinner is the story behind the two Scottish Spitfire Squadrons that took part in the first ever aerial combat of WW2. This took place on the 7th December 1939 in the skies directly above the Forth Rail Bridge. This exact spot being within a few hundred metres of where our dinner function will be held. It involved Spitfires from 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron and 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron. On the evening there will be relatives of the very pilots that took part in this action where they shot down one and damaged another of the attacking German bombers.

As if this is not appetising enough, the RAF are working on some very unique auction prizes. They are likely to include a VIP visit to RAF Scampton and be treated to a private tour of our world renowned RAF Red Arrows. They are also working on a private and behind the ropes tour of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight aircraft at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire. This is where you get close up and personal to famous RAF aircraft such as Spitfires, Hurricanes and Lancaster bomber. I can attest to just how truly amazing this visit can be and has you in awe of what our wonderful RAF has done in the past and continues to do to this day.

If anyone would like to attend this dinner on the Saturday evening, ahead of the Torque Show or book tickets for the event, please get in touch with Stephen Hall,