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25th April 2021

Drive it Day 2021 - get your rally plate now!

Drive it Day 2021 - get your rally plate now!

The FBHVC's Drive it Day takes place on April 25th 2021 and the on-going restrictions due to Coronavirus mean that enthusiasts are encouraged to enjoy a more ‘back to basics’ Drive it Day whilst supporting the NSPCC charity.

We are not likely to be in a position to have the large shows and gatherings that we have become accustomed to over the years. However, there is no reason to allow that to dampen our enthusiasm for the day or indeed for our TRs. Indeed, this year offers an opportunity to get ‘back to basics’ on Drive it Day and seize the opportunity to raise awareness of the historic vehicle movement by simply getting them out for a local trip or essential journey and being visible to the general public.

National Drive it Day has its place as a symbolic season opener, a chance to get historic vehicles of all shapes, sizes and types out in use, seen by the public and enjoyed by their custodians. It’s a statement of national importance because, not only does it ensure that our transport heritage continues as a moving, working, living experience, but also raises awareness of the size, importance and contribution that the historic vehicle movement makes to the world.

This year, that contribution is even larger because the FBHVC have teamed up with the NSPCC’s Childline to raise money as an integrated part of Drive it Day in order to use our movement to contribute to a section of society that has needed huge help and support during the pandemic – vulnerable children. Lockdown has magnified all sorts of societal problems and the long days and weeks trapped in broken homes or abusive environments have put vulnerable children even more at risk.
Furthermore, the restrictions on social contact and the movement of people have seriously curtailed fundraising efforts for charities across the board and charities have found themselves underfunded, just at the moment when they need the resource the most.

Wayne Scott, FBHVC Communications Director said, “Despite the lack of shows and events – Drive it Day 2021 offers us the opportunity to stay local, be responsible but still get out and use our historic vehicles. It’s vitally important that we maintain public awareness of our movement and the importance of seeing transport heritage out on the roads. So, clip on your Drive it Day plate, bought from and feel proud in the knowledge that by doing so, we as the historic vehicle movement are doing an amazing thing to raise money for one of the charities that needs our help the most to look after the young lives who are our future.

Take your vehicle for a short drive around your area, do your weekly shop on Sunday and take your historic vehicle, offer your services to fetch supplies for an elderly neighbour or relative, visit a support bubble, perhaps even deliver a donation to a local food bank. Some people will not feel able or be permitted to leave home, so instead – park your car on the drive and proudly display your piece of transport heritage to passers by. Whatever you do, do it with your plaque from"

We must all adhere to Government guidelines applicable in our area, so check what is allowed before you leave as the situation may change. All proceeds go directly to the NSPCC’s Childline to protect future generations through celebrating our past. So, please help us to not only raise awareness by getting your vehicles out and about displaying their Drive it Day rally plates - but also contribute to a charity that is quite literally saving young lives thanks to our much needed input. Whatever you do on April 25th do it in your historic vehicle and do it displaying your Drive it Day rally plate bought from