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18th April 2021

The First Right Hand Drive TR, TS2 to Tour the Island

The First Right Hand Drive TR, TS2 to Tour the Island

We realise that next year and future events seem a distant dream and the TSS2 Tour is still in that dream as it has been decided to postpone the event until 2022, Stephen Hall - Scottish Director and organiser said:

"I know that this will be a huge disappointment as we have been working very hard to make this a success in the hope that restrictions would be lifted in time. However, given the information now available, we believe this postponement is now unavoidable. Over the next couple of weeks, we will send out the new schedule for 2022.

We would like to keep the schedule as close to this year’s original proposal as possible. We have built in some extra halts to allow some more flexibility and we are prepared to listen to any advice you might have or requests you would like to make to ensure next year’s tour is even better."

So please think on and remember as s TR Register members in the Isle of Wight TRS, you can you feedback ideas of what we could do with TS2 to promote the TRR etc.? If you would like to drive this iconic and historic car, please let me know. Of course you will see TS2 at future event once we are set free!.