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11th August 2020

Abbott and Stour - Daytime Meet @ The Manger

Event: Daytime Meet @ the Manger

Date: Tuesday 11th of August

Time: 11.00 am

Location: The Manger

Hello there everyone. Are you ready to have a socially distanced meeting?

I am planning to have a daytime meet at The Manger on Tuesday 11th of August starting at 11.00 am. Sorry if this is inconvenient to those of you who are working but I am conscious of social distancing and hopefully if the weather is good we can have a table per couple outside and keep our distance. If you would like to book a meal then please contact the Manger direct on 01284-386516.
The theme for this meeting will be reminiscent of your return to junior school after the summer Holidays when your first essay was “What I did in the Holidays” (for us this means lock-down). Happily you do not have to wear short trousers or gingham skirts (hopefully that will not confuse anyone).
So, if you have photos, tales of daring to do with welders or anything else, you will be sure of a warm welcome.

Stewart Hurrell, 01787 282176.