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3rd June 2020

Kennet Valley TR Group - June Virtual Club/Pub Night

Kennet Valley TR Group - June Virtual Club/Pub Night

We have been looking at ways to socialise as a Group. Our official live June Club Night would have been on the Wednesday 3rd June, so for this meeting, we are going to attempt a “Virtual Club/Pub Meeting” from the comfort of your own living room, garden, or bath etc.. The technology is widely used for video conferencing, particularly in the current situation and is not too difficult to follow. Below is a guide to getting started. This initial ‘meeting’ has a time limit of 40 minutes and there is no limit to the number of people who can join, so why not give it a go it will give you all a chance to say hello to each other and catch up with your news, car related or otherwise even if you've never been to a Club night before.

You can join in with the meeting or just sit and listen/watch, its up to you, have a suitable beverage ready and sit back and relax. This will be an informal chat and a very short news update about the club. As this will be our first attempt it will also be a test run and we'll look for feedback from you to determine if we do another, what members would like to see, maybe for a longer period, etc., hopefully there won't be any hiccups, but don't worry if there is, nothing will get broken.

The call will be using the Zoom system which is a multi-channel video conferencing system which I am sure you've heard about on the news etc.? It will work on Tablet, Smartphone, and Laptops and Computers with microphone and speakers. This meeting will
start at 20:00, June 3rd 2020.

Details of link and password will be sent to you by email.

If you would like further info, please contact Phil Horsley - GL