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26th June 2020

TR Register - Starter Experience Track Day at North Weald

TR Register -  Starter Experience Track Day at North Weald

Cars must be roadworthy and comply with current MOT legislation. You must bring your full driving license to the sign-on. All persons going on track must wear a suitable crash helmet of recognised manufacture and have arms and legs covered. You must bring your full driving license to the sign-on. An event guide will be emailed to you during the week before the event.

Please read it carefully when it arrives. All our track-days can be booked via (select the Track day option under Events) or follow the links from our events page, social media or e-Newsletters.

26 June

Starter Experience Day at North Weald

This is not a track day but a Starter Experience - an event for you to have fun in your car, increase your driving skills, gain confidence in both your own and your car's abilities.It is designed for absolute beginners or novice track day drivers who wish to gain confidence before venturing onto a race circuit. It allows you to explore your car's handling in a safe environment and to gain confidence under the watchful eye of a performance driving instructor. Numbers are limited to just 23 cars and only one car is active on each exercise at a time, minimising any risk to car or driver.

Unlike previous years there is now a static noise restriction of 105dB (which is pretty loud) measured at 75% full revs at 0.5m from the tail pipe. All cars will be tested before being allowed to take part. If your car is used as a road car, it will almost certainly not have any problems passing but if you are in doubt, please contact the office.

After a group introduction and explanation of the day ahead, we begin with the high-speed bend activity. This mimics the situation of suddenly arriving at a bend when you are going too fast, the idea being to get around it under control and without spinning! Of course, being able to experience car control on a huge patch of tarmac is part of the fun and the experience.

The instructor will encourage you to approach the bend faster and faster until you do reach this limit, he will then explain what to do to avoid the spin and you can go out and try it for yourself.

Once everyone has made some progress with this the day moves on to two coned circuits providing an opportunity to try out your new-found skills and explore the capabilities of your car. All of this is great fun, but of course is designed to give you the confidence to come away from the day with new skills and book your first track day. It is therefore intended for TRACK DAY FIRST TIME & NOVICE DRIVERS ONLY. No experience is required. No helmets are required. Just you and your car. Track times are subject to a lunch break & conditions on the day

Essential information:

  • Noise Limit 105 db
  • Sign on 8.00
  • Briefing 8.30
  • Track start time 9.00
  • Track end time 4.00


  • Driver and car:£60

To book please follow the link