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22nd June 2020

TR Register Track Day - Castle Coombe

TR Register Track Day - Castle Coombe

Cars must be roadworthy and comply with current MOT legislation. You must bring your full driving license to the sign-on. All persons going on track must wear a suitable crash helmet of recognised manufacture and have arms and legs covered. You must bring your full driving license to the sign-on. An event guide will be emailed to you during the week before the event.

Please read it carefully when it arrives. All our track-days can be booked via (select the Track day option under Events) or follow the links from our events page, social media or e-Newsletters.

22 June

Castle Combe

This is the second of three visits to Castle Combe this year and will be a four session per hour day. Each session will have 12 cars and last 15 mins. We expect each car to have one hour and forty-five minutes of track time during the day assuming no stoppages.

The 4 sessions will be allocated according to driver experience and car so that one session will be more suitable to beginners and the less experienced track day drivers, one to intermediates and one to the more experienced.

Essential information:

  • Noise Limit 98db
  • Sign on 7.30
  • Briefing 8.30
  • Track start time 9.00
  • Track end time 5.00
  • Track times are subject to a lunch break & conditions on the day


  • Driver and car:£165
  • Additional driver: £20
  • Passengers free

To book please follow the link