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3rd May 2020

Derbyshire Dales Stay at Home Motor Show

The Federation of British Historic Vehicles Club (FHBVC) has organised a Stay at Home Motor Show: Classics for Carers for this Sunday 3 May 2020 as an alternative to Drive It Day. This is a charity event using the Just Giving website, who keep a percentage of each donation to run the website.

The Derbyshire Dales Steering Group has decided that it would like the Group to support the event but want 100% of the money raised to go directly to the charity. After some discussion, it was felt that the best way forward would be for members to take a photo of their car on this coming Sunday (3 May), on your drive, in the garage, in whatever state it is in, (we know some cars are a ‘work in progress’!). Send the photo to me and they will be put on our webpage on the TR Register site.

We would like you to suggest a charity that you would like the club to support and the charity with the most ‘votes’ will receive 100% of all the money raised as a donation from the group. Some money may be available from club funds to top up the donation.

Here’s what to do -

Please email your photo and the suggested charity to Maggie at

Once I have received your photo and collated the nominations, I will reply to you with details of the chosen charity and how to donate the money.

Looking forward to seeing all your photo’s!

Maggie Sloss