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29th April 2020

CANCELLED - Tour of Scottish Highlands

We now have 6 cars and 10 Group members registered and booked to tour the Scottish Highland's and the Isle's of Skye and Mull next year. This in response to my call for registrations at Club Nights and in my GL Newsletters. It was important to get this trip booked early as there is a paucity of available accommodation in Scotland due primarily to the popularity of the Scotland "Route 500". We will be driving up to Scotland in our TR's with stopovers at Peebles, Inverness, Betty Hill, Ullapool, Isle of Skye, Fort William, Isle of Mull and Carlisle on return. This will be a long and exciting tour which we are all looking forward to. I have not added a registration form for this event here as I am not confident that sufficient accommodation is now available on the dates we are passing through each stop over. However, that does not preclude Group members who would want to come seeking join us if they could find accommodation. Please contact me per above should you wish to come along.