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20th June 2019

Camb Followers- Norfolk Lavender, Heacham.

Camb Followers- Norfolk Lavender, Heacham.

Founded in 1932, Norfolk Lavender is England's premier lavender farm, and has nearly 100 acres of lavender under cultivation. The summer season is the most vibrant when all of the lavenders burst into flower and the air is full of the relaxing fragrance. The lavender distillery is on view to the public. Visitors can book a tour with a Guide who will talk about the history of Norfolk Lavender, how they harvest and distill to get the oil for the perfume and toiletry range.

There is a Lavender Gift Shop full of Norfolk Lavender products, made from the farm's own lavender oil, and many other gifts.

In the Plant Centre you will find masses of rare and unusual lavenders for sale, and an extensive selection of herbs, perennials and other treasures to take home for your own gardens.

There is a tea room and restaurant open all year round from 9am. It provides a tempting variety of teas and coffees. Cakes, scones, cream teas, light snacks and sandwiches are also on offer. A selection of home made hot dishes are cooked to order and served daily.

The Herb Garden is filled with over 50 different herbs from woade (which the ancient Britons used to colour themselves blue with) to pineapple sage (which tastes wonderful on pork). The herbs are laid out in the style of an old monastery/physic garden and you can touch and smell the different types. Many of the herbs are available in the Plant Centre.

This trip is being organised by Peter Parkinson, and if you wish to go please contact him as soon as possible on