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30th June 2019

Kennet Valley TR Group June Mid Monthly - 11th Thatcham Summer Classic Car Show & My Pride & Joy Contest

Kennet Valley TR Group June Mid Monthly - 11th Thatcham Summer Classic Car Show & My Pride & Joy Contest

11th Thatcham Summer Classic Car Show

Once again Kennet Valley TR Group members can have pleasure of attending this local Car Show which will be part of the Thatcham Town Council Fun Day.

The date for the event is Sunday 30th June 2019 from 10.00am to 3.00pm . The venue is as previous years, Henwick Field on the A4 between Thatcham and Newbury and is clearly obvious from the main road. There will be rosettes for Best in Show Reserve and Highly Commended (the latter won in previous years by Graham Robertshaw & Phil Horsley in previous years).

Prize won despite low turnout due to weather at Thatcham Rotary Classic car show & fun dayYou may remember that in the past they have requested a small donation with registration and as in previous years exhibitors were generous with their response, so this will continue this year and you will see the details on the entry form attached. For those of you who complete and return a pre-show entry a raffle will be held for a bottle of champagne and on production of the show rosette in our refreshment tent a free drink is available. An entry rosette is issued when an entry form is received or shortly thereafter.

Attached is the entry form which you need to complete and return to me with your contribution of whatever you would like to submit, say a minimum of £5, and a stamped addressed envelope. You can also enter on line at Thatcham Rotary Club.

My Pride & Joy Contest

Additionally and following on from our decision to now move around our 'My Pride & Joy' contest from Club Night and use it to promote the Club and TR's to the public, this year we will hold it at this event, the organisers have agreed to keep an area for us to be able to park as a Group so we need to give them numbers, so please let me know as soon as possible.

In addition to the usual judging, we intend to have a Public vote too, where visitors can vote for the car they would most like to take home and the prize being to have a short ride in that car from the show ground, so please be prepared to do this if you win. The judging will take place between 12:00 and 14:00, Public votes to be in by 14:30.

To give an overall opportunity for all members to win the coveted KVG trophy, the Kennet Valley TR Group My Pride & Joy competition is designed to include all TRs, and other Triumphs being used (we are not looking for Concours condition to win). Points will be awarded for presentation, cleanliness, points of interest, enthusiasm for the marque and 'proven' mileage annual. Judging will cover the complete car, accessories, memorabilia, history, improvements, information and use. It is about the use and pride in your TR, not just about being restored, clean and shiny.

The cars will be categorised in body groups: 2/3/3A/3B; 4/4A/5/250; 6; 7&8; Derivatives; Non TR

Private individuals who are members of the Kennet Valley TR Group are eligible to enter. Cars should be driven to the event and must be road legal. All vehicle documentation is not required but proof of annual mileage details are preferable to be with the car as it will be part of the judging.

Guidance for entrants

This event is open to TR's (separate prize for non TR's) that are in regular use, are clean and well loved. Proven annual mileage will be taken into account and therefore relevant documentation (i.e. past MOT certificates) should be presented. A car may only be entered by a member of the Kennet Valley TR Group.

Cars must be road legal for the country of origin and must be presented with relevant documentation. Entered cars should be driven to the event. Sorry we can't consider a car to be brought by trailer for all or part of the journey to this event. The Judges decision shall be final.

Here is the booking form: 11th-Thatcham-Car-show-Entry-Form-2019.pdf

So bring your car and see if you can win!!!!

Phil Horsley 07892 715315