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14th June 2019

TR6 Day - Osnabruck 2019

TR6 Day - Osnabruck 2019

The TR Register Deutschland is organising a very special day to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the TR6. The TR6 was styled by the famous coach builder Karmann in Osnabruck, Germany. A weekend of events will be build around this special occasion. How many TR6 cars can we get together to help the celebrations? All TRs and other Triumphs are welcome to join in the celebration.

Registration for this event is now open with a discount available for early booking. Please register here: TR6 anniversary

Important Notice: Please book your hotel accommodation only via the above registration site of TR Register Germany as it will be a package including the celebration event.

If you would like to spend more time in the region, after the weekend, then there is a tour of the Belgium Ardennes available from TR Tours:TR Tours Ardennes This tour starts on the Monday afternoon with plenty of time to make the trip from Osnabruck down to Malmedy