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7th May 2019

Camb Followers - Scotland Tour. May 2019- Final Reminder

Camb Followers - Scotland Tour. May 2019- Final Reminder

The tour will take 9 days and include 8 overnight stops from 7th to 15th May, and will involve a total round trip of approximately 1550 miles. The aim is to drive along some of the most scenic routes in Scotland including the North Coast 500 (although we will only be driving about three quarters of the actual North Coast 500 route).

Although I am sure there will be time for sight-seeing and visits to some of the numerous tourist attractions that Scotland has to offer, it will primarily be a driving holiday because of the distance to be covered. It will also be necessary to change our hotels/bed and breakfast accommodation every day, although there is a two night stop-over in Oban planned.

If anyone is interested, would you please let me know by 30th November, as I need to book accommodation sooner rather than later.

The attached pdf gives details the route, if you want any further information please let me know.

Frank De'ath

01733 394 198

07746 519 780